Sartorial Pursuit

Ok so I usually don't run contests or giveaways on blog, but I figured we could do something a little fun in the spirit of Fashion Week! I've teamed up with Google's to bring you Sartorial Pursuit- it's a game that's going to be hosted throughout the 8 days of New York Fashion Week.  Each hour, on the hour, from 12-5 pm EST, there will be a new (multiple choice) trivia question that ties into trend analytics and featured designers and products on the site. The questions are only live for one hour, so only questions answered during that time will be able the win the giveaway, with the winner chosen at random. You can play by following on Twitter and tweeting your answers or you can play via SMS and text "Boutiques" to 69302 to subscribe to the game. You'll win Fashion Week prizes, including tickets to after parties and designer clothing! So try your luck and let me know if you guys win!