Quick Trip to NY

Just got back from New York- went for the IFB conference and a couple other fun meetings. The IFB conference was wonderful and it was so sweet to meet other readers and bloggers! 

I checked in at the W in Times Square... I loved it! I usually stay in Soho, but it was nice being in a different part of NYC for a change.
The first night I arrived, they brought me cookies and milk... the next day, they brought me "W" pretzels and cheese! 
I didn't realize I packed so many neutrals until I hung everything in the closet. I'm a horrible packer, not going to lie. 
Some of the accessories I also packed on top of vintage wool trousers I found at Amarcord and Madewell sparkly gold shorts. 
Delicous beet and goat cheese salad I ordered at the W... If you ever go, YOU must try it!
Another delicious treat- iced tea from The Lambs Club. Everything tastes so good in NY! 
What I wore yesterday... vintage fur coat, 50s wool coat from Hubba Hubba, Levi's denim vest,  Juicy lace dress, J.crew tights, and YSL imperial pumps.

As much as I love New York, it is always so great to come back home and see my family and boyfriend! 
Oh and P.S., keep on playing Sartorial Pursuit, I want to know if you guys win anything!