The Camel Train

Apologies for being a crappy blogger...I've been busy altering vintage dresses and jackets, painting pictures for my best friends, and watching horror movies with my boyfriend. Anyway, here are a few photos I've taken recently...dressed in a combination of camel and ivory tones...
Please excuse me for always laughing in my pictures and covering my mouth awkwardly... I'm just a really happy person, ok?
Wearing an H&M polka dot cropped sweater, a cobalt blue velvet belt given to me as a gift, vintage Harrod's  skirt and Dries Van Noten sandals.
Wearing a silk jumpsuit, old DKNY knit sweater, kid's vintage Levi's jacket, Karen Walker sunglasses, and the Dries Van Notens again.
Wearing a blazer from the Goodwill, vintage Levi jeans, Gap tee, and Balenciaga platform sandals.
Nothing like a pair of worn-out vintage Levis!