Pulling Out the Dresses

Summer is coming to an end (well not really because the heat is still blazing) and I figured I might as well wear all of my pretty dresses before the windy, cool weather arrives. 
This is an 80s floral dress that was given to me by a friend at the flea market-- I love the colors!
Also wearing a belt from Lemon Frog Shop and my go-to Lanvin platform sandals.
This is a another silk dress I found at a thrift shop... I twittered the other day that I cut the entire sleeve off to make it into a revealing one-shoulder gown. I definitely see potential wardrobe malfunctions in the future! Worn with a sample necklace I made.
This is another dress I'm re-working by cutting off the sleeves and adding some cool draping to the front. I'd like to wear this particular number for my birthday soon but I need to change those massive shoulder pads!

Anyway going to go grab an iced latte real quick!