Concrete Jungle

We spent our last day and a half in NY wandering through the shoe sale isles of Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, chowing down extra cheesy tuna melts, visiting good friends near Central Park, making a quick stop at Opening Ceremony and only checking out the sale items, and wondering why there are only like two gas stations in the entire city. Here are the last batch of photos from New York...
Twittered about a pair of kitty print Miu Mius, but ended up with these gold satin bird print mary janes instead.
Boyfriend and I trying to catch a Taxi...
Our good friends' puppy. Her name is Jersey, she reminds me of the dog in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at cute!
Wearing a vintage polka dot crepe cardigan, white Gap tank, my favorite Levi shorts, vintage pin, Lanvin platform sandals, and vintage Versace sunglasses.
G's YSL sneakers--He got them for such a great price!
Enjoying life with the greatest man ever<3