Wailea Beach

Thought I'd do a quick post from Maui, Hawaii...
We're staying at one of the most beautiful hotels ever!
Headed out to dinner in one of my favorite linen blazers and old Levi 501's...


I'm pretty sure you can tell from my blog that my eyes are drawn to pieces with any type of beautiful detailing, but lately I've been really into patterns... the bolder, the better!
This silk jacket is vintage Saks Fifth Avenue, I love the colors and the silhouette!
Wearing a Topshop bustle skirt, Givenchy heels, Super sunglasses, vintage jewelry, and nude python Coach clutch.

Half Dazed

A while back I took a trip to one of my favorite vintage boutiques and one of the co-owners brought this crop top dress to my fitting room while I was trying on other vintage frocks. I love it so much, but it's been sitting in my closet since forever. I finally wore it and it's definitely become one of my favorite dresses! Perfect for sunny weather...
It has an open back...
Old bracelet from an antique shop and a collar necklace worn as a bracelet.
Also wearing a new pair of Gucci wooden platforms... these are really comfortable!


Back from Vegas! My bffs and I (one of them refuses to be photographed because she is a party-pooper), spent most of our time by the pool sipping on watered down piƱa coladas and iced coffee and munching on overpriced paninis and turkey club sandwiches.

Glad to be back home, I'm so exhausted! Sorry for posting non-fashion photos, I'll be back to regular scheduled programming soon!

Packing, Then I'm Off!

Off to Vegas for a mini vacation with my best friends! Be back soon!

Walking with Dries

Enjoyed the sunny weather today in a pair of mustard crepe balloon trousers... Don't know why I've been so obsessed with crepe fabric lately, I have actually created quite the collection of crepe pieces!
Paired the balloon trousers with my Dries Van Noten sandals...
I love these sandals- the grosgrain ribbon made me fall head over pun intended.
Wearing them with a navy blue H&M peplum top, Karen Walker sunglasses, and a vintage metal necklace. 

Concrete Jungle

We spent our last day and a half in NY wandering through the shoe sale isles of Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, chowing down extra cheesy tuna melts, visiting good friends near Central Park, making a quick stop at Opening Ceremony and only checking out the sale items, and wondering why there are only like two gas stations in the entire city. Here are the last batch of photos from New York...
Twittered about a pair of kitty print Miu Mius, but ended up with these gold satin bird print mary janes instead.
Boyfriend and I trying to catch a Taxi...
Our good friends' puppy. Her name is Jersey, she reminds me of the dog in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at cute!
Wearing a vintage polka dot crepe cardigan, white Gap tank, my favorite Levi shorts, vintage pin, Lanvin platform sandals, and vintage Versace sunglasses.
G's YSL sneakers--He got them for such a great price!
Enjoying life with the greatest man ever<3

New York Streets

 Arrived in New York Monday evening to stay for a few days and celebrate the launch of our blogger Coach Collectible bags. I love the city, wish I could live here!
The weather could not be any better... So romantic!
Eggs Florentine from The Cupping Room in Soho...
Enjoying an overpriced latte. Really delicious though!
Wearing a vintage silk striped blouse, Topshop bandage skirt, vintage jewelry, Super sunglasses, Karla's Closet for Coach bag, and Givenchy shoes.
Best friend drinking a cappuccino and twirling around in her paisley print dress.

After walking around for about a million blocks (in heels!), we changed into fancy dresses and headed out to the Coach event on Madison Avenue...
I'm wearing all vintage with my Alaia cut-out pumps and my best friend is wearing a vintage silk dress and borrowed my Whiting and Davis mesh clutch.
Chatting with Naomi Nevitt, she's so sweet!

The Coach Collectibles event turned out really great! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all of us!!

Join Coach and All of Us!

Have a bright and early flight tomorrow, but I wanted to invite you all to our Coach Collectibles event that will be hosted at the Coach boutique on 595 Madison Avenue in New York City this coming Tuesday, June 8th. If you'd like to join us please RSVP here! Would love to meet you guys!!