It's All in the Details

Fall In Love Again

There's nothing like a fancy skirt or a pair of beautiful shoes to put you in a better mood when you're having a not-so-good day. Although it won't make your problems go away, it sure does help!
These shoes are so simple, they go with pretty much anything.
Crossing the road...

A Staple in Karla's Closet

One of my favorite things to wear are these American Apparel U-neck long sleeve dresses. Great for those moments when you feel like you have nothing to wear (and I tend to feel like that a lot for some reason). I recently ordered a couple more of the same dress- they've become almost like a t-shirt in my closet! Definitely thinking about getting one in a different color! Worn with a Lanvin feathersuede jacket, vintage jewelry and embossed leather clutch, and YSL imperial pumps.

What's the one thing in your closet you don't mind wearing over and over again??

Black & White

Today I tried on a dress that I've had for a while now, but never worn it. Thought I'd debut it here on the blog!
I feel like most of the dresses I own are made of really great fabrics. The ruffled skirt of the dress is made of heavy taffeta...
Worn with a pair of two-tone tights from American Apparel, vintage tortoise box clutch and belt, and Alaia cut-out pumps.
Random photo I took sometime this week... this jacket is made of crepe satin- so lux. I love wearing it as a dress!

Also another random photo... my boyfriend's Margiela sneakers. I wish I could find these in a girl version...
Hope everyone has had a beautiful week! 

Manic Monday

Mondays are always the worst the day of the week- I know we're supposed to be thankful for each and everyday, but Mondays are always so plain and lame! Anyway, yesterday I went to run a bunch of errands and grab tuna melts with my dad and this is what I wore...
My all-time favorite jacket (you've seen this blazer on the blog several times), Zara bow-tie silk trousers and scarf, random Calvin Klein tank top, Aldo leopard boots (so painful!), vintage watch, and a bracelet I stole from my mom!

Hello April!

Spent the week studying for a test, inventing my own fruit smoothies, and playing around with clothes. Took a few random shots...
Vintage pleated chiffon dress... It's a little too long for me, got to get it hemmed asap!
I  really love these heart-shaped earrings- picked them up at a flea market a few months ago.
Borrowing my best friend's "medallion" leggings...
New grosgrain Dries Van Noten heels... I've always loved these, especially the pair with turquoise grosgrain ribbon and dark brown leather that were on the runway!

So I have been wanting to change my hair a different color for a while because brown wasn't cutting it anymore. I was either going to dye it red or blonde...
...and I decided on red!! Getting used to it, but I love it! Change is good.

More shots...
Wear this leopard jacket almost every time I go out at night, my boyfriend hates it!! Worn with a little vintage polka dot jacket, Zara pleated bib blouse, and my favorite jeans.

Topsy Turvy

I had to post these shots from W Magazine December 07- they're so incredible! Goal in life now is to find a dress with massive ruffled sleeves, a carpet square buckle belt, and the perfect shade of cherry red lipstick!!
credit: tFS