Just Like to Play

It was only raining on a few blocks in West Hollywood today- really strange. Wanted to watch Alice and Wonderland, but didn't have the patience to wait in line... I'll just wait a few weeks.

Found this Norma Kamali trench coat the other day! It's actually a size bigger, but I kind of like it that way. 
I wore it out to breakfast- with a orange silk scarf, American Apparel nylon leggings, and a pair of Lamb strappy sandals. 

Also wore my new favorite earrings (that I accidentally broke later on while attempting to adjust the clip-on clasp)...
A few people have written to me recommending that I stick with neutral colors or that I should really consider dressing like those models off-duty. You know what I have to say to that crap? Screw it. Fashion should be fun. There should never be any rules about what you should and shouldn't wear. Matter of fact, I hate those magazine articles that talk about dressing to suit your figure... maybe some people don't want to accentuate their small waistline... maybe some people like showing off their wide hips... maybe some don't want to wear all black just to look thinner... do you get my point?