Hello Saturday

Today I hung out with my mom, went furniture shopping, and had lunch at one of my favorite cafes. I love being with my mom, she makes me laugh so hard!
Random picture I took while waiting for her in the car... I think the colors and the lighting look kind of cool!

I wore a satin embroidered jacket I found yesterday at American Rag, a pair of Levi's, vintage seashell belt and earrings, and nude Cathy Jean pumps...
The shape and cut of this jacket is so beautiful!
So I mentioned earlier about an exciting project I have been working on for the last few months and just want to say that it will be launching on Monday! I really hope you guys love it.

And some of you asked about my necklace in the last post- I got it at the Fairfax flea market, this European dude sells very similar necklaces every Sunday!