Hands in Fuzzy Pockets

So I meant to pair this jacket with a pair of wool tights... I am not quite sure how I ended up with this outfit...
Wore this on a trip to Hollywood- stopped by an asian furniture store and my favorite vintage shop. 
This fuzzy wool coat is so great- I love that it has so much volume when it's belted. I wore it with a white dress from Collective Clothing, burgundy eel skin belt, Zara scarf and my favorite nude pumps ever.

Week Wear

I have been so busy this past week and haven't much time to snap photos of what I've been wearing lately...
These Levi jeans are my favorite- got them at American Rag two weeks ago and I have been wearing them non-stop... My boyfriend is so annoyed of them!
This wool jacket is so great, it's made of really thick wool and has such a military-esque shape. Wore it with a gray tissue tee, my favorite bracelets, Bill Blass silk scarf, and YSL imperial pumps.
One of my stylist friends gave me this blue crushed velvet belt and I didn't really like it at first, but lately I have been pairing it with almost every vintage 80s dress I own! 
Shots I took on a gloomy day...

Happy Monday!!

Hello Saturday

Today I hung out with my mom, went furniture shopping, and had lunch at one of my favorite cafes. I love being with my mom, she makes me laugh so hard!
Random picture I took while waiting for her in the car... I think the colors and the lighting look kind of cool!

I wore a satin embroidered jacket I found yesterday at American Rag, a pair of Levi's, vintage seashell belt and earrings, and nude Cathy Jean pumps...
The shape and cut of this jacket is so beautiful!
So I mentioned earlier about an exciting project I have been working on for the last few months and just want to say that it will be launching on Monday! I really hope you guys love it.

And some of you asked about my necklace in the last post- I got it at the Fairfax flea market, this European dude sells very similar necklaces every Sunday!

Lima Green

It was nice to see the sun again after an ugly rainy day yesterday, so I pulled out one of my floppy hats that I haven't worn in a while!
Wore my American Apparel floppy hat with a vintage knit sweater, a high-waisted skirt I picked up at Wasteland, and my favorite Marc by Marc ankle boots.
I'm really excited to see all the collections this season. Unfortunately, I won't be in New York for Fashion Week because of school and such, but I hope everyone going has fun!!

Electric Avenue

I have been on an endless search for the perfect pair of cargo pants- not too loose, not too tight... sort of like these. I finally found some at Zara this past weekend and they're so comfortable! I've already worn them with a cropped gold sequined top, a nude bodysuit, and a pair of Indian leather sandals... I swear they go with everything!
I wore them today with one of my favorite linen blazers, a silky draped blouse, vintage seashell buckle belt, Nina Ricci python pumps, and my Coach bag.
 I'm going to go get some Chinese food with my mom! Happy Sunday everyone!

Sunlit Room

I've been meaning to post about this crushed velvet hat I found at the flea market buried under feather headdresses a while back, but I never really got to it. I love wearing it with the big taffeta bow in the front because it hides my face from everyone... and sometimes that is so necessary.