Sorry it's taken me a few days to put a post together-- school has started again and I've all of a sudden become really busy.
I spent the day yesterday with my favorite person ever, my boyfriend, and we decided to take photos of what he was wearing too just for fun!
I wore a vintage angora sweater with a pair of leather shorts I got back in Paris, a vintage Escada belt, and Givenchy ankle-strap heels.

He wore a cropped trench coat I found for him on Ebay, J.Crew button down shirt, Kill City Jeans, woven leather dress shoes from the Flea Market and some Ray-Ban aviators...
I've never been one to stack on tons of jewelry, but I've developed quite an obsession with tiny watches and chunky bracelets. G bought me the most beautiful crystal bracelet ever!! I love it so much, thanks angel!
I secretly stole the idea of wearing tons of bracelets from him... Shhh....
Him and that damn Penguin watch...

Anyway, Happy Monday everyone!!