Mirror Image

Really sorry for lagging on posts for this blog-sometimes it's hard for me to take photos during the week, but I promise to post way more often like I used to.

So, I've been wearing a lot of basic/uniform pieces for a few days now, sticking to neutral colors and simple silhouettes. I'm not sure why I haven't been putting much thought into what I wear lately, but it's kind of more freeing and uncomplicated that way.
I wore this on a trip to Sephora to buy Lancome's makeup primer and an eyebrow brush. I'm wearing a transparent vintage silk blouse, striped trousers from Kiliwatch, YSL criss-cross strap pumps, Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, and a vintage box clutch from Screaming Mimi's.
Anyway, have to go mail in a parking ticket and grab some lunch! Take care!

You're so Pretty Alaia

Found these Alaias on Ebay for an unbelievably great price and had to get them! I must admit, they're a little challenging to walk with, but I'm still in love with them...

I wore them with a vintage dress I got at American Rag, Zara blazer, and Karen Walker sunglasses.

Going out to dinner with my dad right now and I'm wearing wingtip oxfords and an old pair of Levi's... Oh and I got my hair trimmed! I feel like a new woman.


Tom Munro is one of my favorite photographers.
Vogue Nippon 2003
credit: tFS

Hide n Seek

I spent my semi-predictable Sunday lounging around scooping chunks of tiramisu and dunking it into my hot chocolate, wondering why it always rains the day after G gets his car washed, painting my nails in the middle of an empty coffeehouse, debating whether or not we should spend our time watching that new movie Lovely Bones, ordering new prescription eyeglasses from Amazon, grooving hard to Earth, Wind, & Fire, trying to see if I could read an entire newspaper in one sitting, and wanting to blow dry my hair after the unexpected drizzle...
Wearing vintage cream blazer and gray trousers, Melie Bianco clutch, and Alexander McQueen slingbacks.
Oh p.s- I made my boyfriend read all of the comments from the previous post! He was flattered! You guys are so romantic.

Off to shower then catch some zzzZZZZ...


Sorry it's taken me a few days to put a post together-- school has started again and I've all of a sudden become really busy.
I spent the day yesterday with my favorite person ever, my boyfriend, and we decided to take photos of what he was wearing too just for fun!
I wore a vintage angora sweater with a pair of leather shorts I got back in Paris, a vintage Escada belt, and Givenchy ankle-strap heels.

He wore a cropped trench coat I found for him on Ebay, J.Crew button down shirt, Kill City Jeans, woven leather dress shoes from the Flea Market and some Ray-Ban aviators...
I've never been one to stack on tons of jewelry, but I've developed quite an obsession with tiny watches and chunky bracelets. G bought me the most beautiful crystal bracelet ever!! I love it so much, thanks angel!
I secretly stole the idea of wearing tons of bracelets from him... Shhh....
Him and that damn Penguin watch...

Anyway, Happy Monday everyone!!

Nice and Easy

Listening to Proud Mary by the one and only Tina Turner as I type this- hadn't heard this song in a while!
The weather has gotten a little warmer so instead of being bundled up in wool blazers and thick tights, I'm wearing my favorite silk jumpsuit and a ruffled scarf I got while I was in Florence, Italy last year. Also wore a pair of python Nina Ricci pumps I scored on Ebay.

Need to finish doing laundry- the worst part is putting everything away... Oh and p.s I found the greatest Ralph Lauren trousers at the thrift store today!


I am so excited to post about these YSL's my dad got me for Christmas! Originally he ordered a more mahogany-colored pair, but they sent this color by mistake and I kind of love them even more now. Thanks so much dad!

Wore them with a white blouse I borrowed from my mom, H&M skirt, a gap belt, and leopard ponyhair clutch from Coach.