Trucks & Construction Zones

I've been borrowing my boyfriend's Dior dinner jacket for the past two months and I secretly am not planning on giving it back (just kidding, kind of). I love the satin pointy lapels and boxy structure with the rolled-up sleeves... I've always been a fan of oversized jackets paired with slinky shorts and's all about proportions...
Worn with a silk blouse from Stone Cold Vintage,  Zara polka dot scarf, shorts by The Cassette Society, vintage jewelry, Super sunglasses, and Proenza Schouler ankle boots.

Hope everyone is staying warm, it's been really chilly lately and I love it!!

Comfortable Sunday

                    Wore this to go to church and grab brunch in LA with my family and boyfriend. I'm wearing a Zara men's scarf, Ralph Lauren blazer, Topshop trousers, and Prada ankle-strap pumps.
Laughing a little too much in this set of photos. Speaking of abundant laughter, my best friend is in town for the week and I'm so happy she's here...we are so crazy when we're together! Anyway, hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! xxx

Four Days

I spend most weekdays doing work at home or running errands so I don't always have someone to take a picture of what I'm wearing. This week, I decided to take a few quick snapshots of the things I wore!
Stopped by Forever21 the other day and picked up about ten of these gray pocket tanks... I've worn one each day this week! On Monday, I wore it with a knitted sweater from the thrift store, old Levi shorts, and Yves Saint Laurent tribute mary janes.
Wearing vintage linen trousers and necklace with a scarf tied as a belt from American Rag.
Wearing Comme des Garcons skirt with an Anthropologie cardigan, necklace from a friend, and Giuseppe Zanotti chain ankle boots.
Wearing a Zara leopard cardigan with a vintage leather checkered skirt.

 My friend Julie came over on Tuesday and brought me an entire box of vintage goodies, she's so sweet. This skirt she gave me has the coolest print!
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


Yesterday I wore a Comme des Garcons skirt I got at INA in New York. It's one of the most versatile pieces I own, I'm hoping to get a lot of wear out of it! Worn with my favorite Levi's  jacket (I love the oversized "boyfriend" fit), vintage jewelry, Balenciaga platforms, and my dad's Ray-bans.
I'm planning on loading with a few vintage accessories and a pair of Acne boots I got last year that I haven't worn much! Check it out in a few hours if you'd like!

A Couple Days in New York

I'm so sorry I haven't posted that much this week! I took a quick trip to New York and it was difficult to take photos before leaving...well, I took a few but I didn't really like the way they turned out. Anyway, here are a few snapshots I took myself...
The view from the James hotel
Tried my best to keep warm in the cold weather! I'm wearing vintage fur and hammered silver necklace, silk blouse, cable knit scarf from Target, Zara cargo pants, and YSL imperial facial expression in this picture cracks me up!
I'm so happy to be home! Hope everyone is having a great week... it's almost Friday!

More NY

It was even colder the last couple days in the city, so I wore a huge polar bear faux fur coat...
I wore a vintage faux fur coat, a tee from American Apparel, Levi's, ostrich bag, and Marc Jacob ankle boots... so beat-up, but I love them. I don't own that many pairs of boots!
The window displays at Bergdorf's were so beautiful!
Alaia dresses at Barney's
On Howard St.
I had a great time in NY! I'll be back again in a few weeks, but it was fun being there with my family. 
Have a happy Sunday!

Thanksgiving in NY

This year my family and I came to New York to spend Thanksgiving weekend. I've been here for two days now... yesterday, my friend Karen took me to a restaurant on Irving Place called Pure Food and Wine where I had the best caesar salad ever! You guys have to go there, it's amazing. The city looks so festive and pretty with all the Christmas lights, but it is freezing cold! Well then again, I am from California so anything below 60 degrees is unbearable! Anyway, here are a few photos I've taken so far...
Yesterday morning we had a quick breakfast at Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel...
One of the dishes we ordered- avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, and chili flakes... sounds like a strange combo, but it was pretty good!
Wearing vintage angora cardigan from American Rag, Topshop silk trousers, American Apparel pocket tee, vintage jewelry and ostrich bag, and Nina Ricci pumps.
My brother posing for the camera!
I wanted to dress up for dinner, but it was way too cold so I ended up changing last minute. Here's what I was planning on wearing...
Vintage striped silk dress, ostrich clutch, and gold lips brooch worn with Giuseppe chain-link ankle boots.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! 
I'm off to feast on some more dessert, will post more pics soon. xx

Another Fluffy Dress

I feel like I have way too many dresses that involve either tulle or taffeta...basically any fabric that creates volume. This is another tulle dress that I cut with kitchen scissors to make it shorter...never got around to hemming it, but I like it better like this anyway. 
Worn with YSL cranberry-red imperial pumps, vintage jewelry, and Jenny Yuen patent leather clutch.
Sorry for the short post! I'm going to New York this Thanksgiving weekend, so I'll be sure to take tons of pics then!!

Well I am back from New York where I was celebrating the launch of Google's new e-shopping site! 
As I've mentioned before on the blog, I do most of my shopping online so when I was asked to create my own style boutique I was really excited! What is so awesome about is that everything is under one website so you won't have to bookmark anything because you can just add it to your favorites (and remove as well if you're so over it). You can also customize your preferences so that only the colors, styles, and patterns you love will appear on your boutique.... oh and "hate" the items you don't like so that you can get exactly what you love on there! Sorry to ramble so much, but I'm just so excited about this- I know I will definitely be updating frequently. I just wish they had a selection of jewelry... and vintage!! If you're interested, you can create you're own boutique too or follow mine HERE.


I've been a fan of StyleLikeu for the longest time and I am really honored to be on their site amongst so many others with extraordinary personal style! You can go here if you'd like to see my interview!  

Plaid Wool Snapshots

Today I wore a lovely pleated wool skirt from the 50s that I got a while back at Hubba Hubba. I have an issue with wearing things right when I first get them... it takes me forever to wear anything I buy! Anyway, I wore this outfit to grab lunch with my boyfriend and visit the flea market...
Worn with an American Apparel henley, vintage Whiting and Davis clutch, Nina Ricci pumps, Karen Walker sunglasses, and my dad's Gap belt. 
Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!

Purple Bows & Taffeta Ruffles

I paired this wool and taffeta dress earlier this year with monochromatic tights, but this time I cut one of the layers off and wore it with a vintage silk scarf from American Rag, a Moschino belt, vintage jewelry, and my trusty Alaia pumps.
My outfit was totally over-the-top girly but that's what I was going for ;)

Tory Burch Picks

This year is going by pretty fast and I know the holidays are just around the corner which means it's time for me to put together a mental gift list! I'm usually really crappy at giving gifts-I never know what to buy family and friends, so I usually end up giving them all American Express gift cards, but this year I promised myself I'd start thinking way in advance and get really creative. Soooo in the spirit of consumerism, I thought it'd be fun to choose a few items from Tory Burch's Holiday Gift Guide! 

There are tons of items on the gift guide...everything from glittery iPad cases to feather dresses. Here are a few of my picks: 
Tory Cashmere Tunic: I have a growing collection of cashmere sweaters...there is something quite luxurious and elegant about a classic cashmere wool sweater. This powdery pink tunic would be perfect for my bff- she loves anything slouchy and soft!
Sequin Scarves: Scarves are my go-to accessory in the wintertime...they come in really handy too when you don't have an umbrella. These gold and black matte sequined scarves would go with almost everything. 
Kate Ballet Flat: I am loving these gold sparkly ballet flats. This might sound a little selfish but honestly, I'd rather keep these for myself!

I normally don't do gift guides, but this one by Tory is really awesome- check it out here!

Back in Black & Green

I was going through my closet this morning looking for something fancy to wear because all I've worn this whole week are ratty Levi 501s and an old pair of tweed trousers and I found this altered silk dress that I bought a while back. It was way big when I first got it, but as usual I re-worked it to make it fit perfectly.
Wore the dress from Hubba Hubba with my new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti chain-link ankle boots. I got them as a gift for my birthday and I love them.

Going to go watch Auntie Mame and relax... I think I ate way too many drunkman noodles. Night!