Park City

Tonight is my last night here in Park City, Utah. I must admit, when I first arrived I wasn't too fond of this place, but now that I'm almost leaving I kind of like it! 
I've really fallen in love with the snowy scenery!

We checked into our hotel yesterday- it's so romantic and it kind of smells like cinnamon/vanilla..
We headed out for some Black Friday shopping and did not succeed whatsoever-- I wore a vintage fur coat & collar, plaid scarf from Gap, H&M waxed jeans, and Chloe lace-up boots
The Chloes are definitely not waterproof!!
Our flight leaves tomorrow evening so we're planning to wake up early and drive to Gorgoza Park for some tubing. Excited!!

P.s Tried to fix whatever is going on with my RSS feeds and I couldn't figure it out.. If anyone can help me please let me know!