lula6-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula8-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula3-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula12-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula4-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula9-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula7-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula5-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula13-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula11-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula10.jpg picture by stylebook18lula1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula14-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lula2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Love all of these shots from Lula Magazine!

Sleepy Eyes

Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week-- my boyfriend and I pretty much do the same thing every time... lunch at a crowded cafe, treasure-hunting at the flea market, soy chai lattes while people-watching, banana fritters and creme brulee ice cream, and sneaker shopping for him. I feel like I am one of those people that has to have some sort of routine, otherwise things become too maniacal for me. Must learn to be more spontaneous!

Hope everyone had a romantic weekend!

Wearing vintage dress and gold flower belt and Bebe buckle platforms

A Lady Dress

dres2-3.jpg picture by stylebook18dres7-1.jpg picture by stylebook18dres5-1.jpg picture by stylebook18dres4-1.jpg picture by stylebook18cank2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

There is something magical about these Prada patent leather heels and it probably has something to do with the ruffle detail on the back of the shoes.. I love them so much!

I am off to grab some coffee and watch a movie with my boyfriend-- hoping I won't get too scared.

Wearing vintage knitted charcoal dress and gold chain necklace, Prada shoes


allblk6-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18allblk1-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18allblk4-3.jpg picture by stylebook18

I attempted to try the whole "crimson lip" thing and I think I still need to find that perfect shade of wine-tinted lipstick... will definitely keep looking.

Going to go grab lunch and iced coffee-- oh my lace-up Chloe wedge boots just came in and they're so beautiful. Will show them to you guys soon!

Wearing Vera Moda silk trousers, vintage shearling fur jacket, American Apparel mesh blouse, lace bra, Aldo platform pumps

Throw a Brick

brush1-1-5.jpg picture by stylebook18brush4-2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18brush9-2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18brush6-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Don't ask why, but I am kind of crazy about this golden draped robe I picked up at one of my favorite vintage shops. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I envisioned it with a pair of great jeans and a simple white tank... most comfortable outfit ever, especially with the cool/sunny weather we're having right now!

Wearing vintage satin jacket from American Rag, random white tank, and Bebe cut-out heels


lime3-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lime1-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lime4-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18ll2-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lime5-1-2.jpg picture by stylebook18

School has just started back up and I am totally dreading this quarter... business plans and class projects doesn't sound very enticing right about now!

Anyway, I bought a whole bunch of socks and this particular pair of thick knit socks made my massive Acne platforms way more comfortable.

Wearing reconstructed lace dress over American Apparel ivory spandex dress, vintage blazer and yellow gold watch, Asos metal hardware clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Acne platform wedges

The New Fur

VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur2.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur4.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur5.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur6.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur7.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur10.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur8.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur11.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur9.jpg picture by stylebook18VogueChinaOct09-TheNewFur12.jpg picture by stylebook18

Incredible editorial from Vogue China October 09

Peruvian and Stuff

Some of you guys have asked me to blog about what I do on a day to day basis and to tell you the truth, sometimes it's nothing fabulous unless I'm out with my family, friends, or boyfriend.
Today after grabbing some peruvian food (ceviche is soooo good by the way), I stopped by the flea market and finally brought my camera with me so I was able to take a few quick photos!

xx413-25-20-1.jpg picture by stylebook18xx9-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18xx8-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
xx520-22-51-2.jpg picture by stylebook18
I was wearing a reconstructed motorcycle jacket, vintage blouse from American Rag, American Apparel fuchsia bull denim skirt, Marc by Marc lace-up ankle boots, and vintage woven satin clutch

xx13-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18xx15-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

The flea market can be a little overwhelming at times, so I tend to stick to the same selling booths...

xx11-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
xx17-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
xx16-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
One of my favorite booths is ran by two women who sell all kinds of jewelry... anything from turquoise stone bracelets to gaudy gold necklaces- I love it! Even though sometimes I just look and don't buy because I feel like I'll never wear it.
xx12-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18xx18-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
xx10-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

G found this amazing leather jacket but it fit really weird so he ended up getting an oatmeal thick-knit cardigan instead...

xx21-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

I'm going to go get coffee with my dad- I think I've become immune caffeine because it doesn't even keep me awake anymore!