Sparkling Sun

pink2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18pink1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
I'm back in super sunny California, missing the cooler weather back in New York, but happy that I don't have to carry an umbrella with me every where I go! 

I've spent these past few days avoiding anything and everything to do with the computer-- eating chicken vegetable soup at my favorite cafe with my main man, lint-rolling my black bed sheets, drinking caramel frapps at midnight, properly cutting my nails as oppose to biting them, watching Spencer lick a spider, developing some sort of obsession with odd-looking wine glasses, visiting the Stella McCartney boutique and realizing $2,000 is way too much for a damn dress, and celebrating my 20th birthday at my favorite restaurant in Brentwood. 

Oh and you can read all my fashion week write-ups here... Ok, I'm officially done talking about New York Fashion Week...moving on...

Wearing vintage satin coral blazer, gray and black splattered-paint crop top, H&M gray pleated skirt, Acne wedges, Metal Pointus ring, vintage knuckle ring