Fooling Around

neon3-1.jpg picture by stylebook18neon11-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Trying to pack for New York has turned out to be harder than I thought... My mom and I have already stuffed a suitcase with all kinds of footwear that I highly doubt we'll even wear, and I also feel like I'll be wearing more than one outfit a day, which means more luggage to drag behind me... it all seems like a disaster right about now.

These random shots were taken yesterday during one of my many five minute breaks I took while working on my school projects. I attempted to play around with a few pieces to see if I could at least get some sort of idea of what to wear while on the east coast... the idea of a fluorescent color paired with something rather dull and simple seems kind of cool, except for I don't want to look like a neon traffic sign in the middle of Central Park.

Wearing Kain pocket tee, Lanvin silk-lined blazer, American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, and Forte crystal sunglasses