Pretty Mountains

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I had forgotten how obsessed I was with these Michael Kors lace-up boots last winter... they are still super comfortable and perfect for running around town.

After grabbing an iced creme brulee latte today, I sat down and answered a whole bunch of emails- apologies if it ever takes me a while to get to them, truly trying my best to answer them as quickly as possible!

Wearing random jersey cowl neck top, Topshop chiffon tutu, boots by Michael Kors, Kenneth Jay Lane chunky gold necklace, and Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses

Walking on sunshine

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My little brother is taking a photography class at school and he's gotten really good at it... I let him shoot a couple photos today with my Canon before grabbing some lunch at one of my favorite cafes- thanks Adrian!

The weather is still terribly hot here, but as you can tell I am refusing to wear jean cut-offs and a tank top. I wish the heat would just settle down for a little bit!

Wearing vintage teal blazer and draped silk blouse, Alexander McQueen slingbacks, and H&M jeans


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Shout-out to my boyfriend for getting me these cropped Acne trousers as a birthday gift! Love them! Please excuse my toe cleavage- there is something about my feet being strapped and zipped up in shoes that makes me feel a little bit more comfortable.

Wearing vintage paisley print blouse, Acne trousers, Forever21 silver leaf necklace, vintage aviators, and Aldo embossed strappy pumps

Stand On a Mountain

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It is kind of funny that this checkered skirt caught my attention, even though it was being suspended by some wired hook on the ceiling of my favorite vintage boutique... must've been the fact that it was probably the only thing in the room that wasn't ridiculously colorful. Anyway, I really love it but I had to get it fitted because it was awkwardly long and didn't fit quite right around my hips. 

Question... why does my hair grow at the speed of light??

Wearing vintage skirt, black puff sleeve blouse, satin clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, and Acne platform wedges

Conquering Lion

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Heading out to a sushi dinner, but wanted to post these photos before I left... 

I checked out Coach's showroom not too long ago and picked up one of their pretty clutches... seriously love it. Must admit I was really impressed with the new stuff they're coming out with!

Wearing vintage organza button-up blouse layered over H&M tank, navy blue silk trousers from Zara, Alexander McQueen marbled slingback heels, Coach leopard pony hair clutch, vintage yellow gold watch

Sparkling Sun

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I'm back in super sunny California, missing the cooler weather back in New York, but happy that I don't have to carry an umbrella with me every where I go! 

I've spent these past few days avoiding anything and everything to do with the computer-- eating chicken vegetable soup at my favorite cafe with my main man, lint-rolling my black bed sheets, drinking caramel frapps at midnight, properly cutting my nails as oppose to biting them, watching Spencer lick a spider, developing some sort of obsession with odd-looking wine glasses, visiting the Stella McCartney boutique and realizing $2,000 is way too much for a damn dress, and celebrating my 20th birthday at my favorite restaurant in Brentwood. 

Oh and you can read all my fashion week write-ups here... Ok, I'm officially done talking about New York Fashion Week...moving on...

Wearing vintage satin coral blazer, gray and black splattered-paint crop top, H&M gray pleated skirt, Acne wedges, Metal Pointus ring, vintage knuckle ring

Pocket Box

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I am currently eating the most expensive burger I've ever had and kind of sad that I'll be leaving this incredible city tomorrow..

Went vintage-scouring down in Soho and found a few kind of crazy pieces like a ridiculously oversized lapel jacket, a floral embossed leather clutch, and a strapless sequined rose-print bustier. 

If you're ever in New York, check out Screaming Mimi's and Tokio7!

Wearing vintage pale yellow drop neckline blouse, Zara trousers, vintage Wranglers denim jacket, necklace from a sample sale in LA (can't remember the designer's name), Marni wedges

Wet Your Lips

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Rainy, windy weather caught me completely off-guard leading me to several outfit changes this morning... started off with a mesh tutu skirt then changed to a knitted cut-out sweater, then finally decided these super skinny H&M jeans and massive Acne wedges would be perfect for walking my feet off around the city. Stupid idea... my poor feet were dying so I changed to equally uncomfortable bow ballet flats and socks. 

Switched to a different hotel down by the financial district, now I'm even farther away from everything! Breakfast at Le Parker Meridien tomorrow morning hopefully! 

Wearing H&M satin lapel blazer, vintage mint printed button-up blouse, H&M paneled black jeans, Acne Atacoma wedges, Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, M by MJ bag

Lavender Rain

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Starbucks used to be on every corner in New York city like two years ago... now I have to literally search like five blocks for one.

So tired, the deadly kind of tired. Must get some sleep now!

Wearing vintage lavender silk trousers, Wren letter print tank, Zara structured shoulder blazer, vintage sunglasses, and Marc by Marc stud and staple bag

Finer Things

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Just came back from dinner with the Coach crew and a few other bloggers and it was tons of fun- Rumi and I spent most of our time laughing at random nonsense, then took a taxi back to the hotel, and now I'm here eating trail mix and Reese's pieces. 

Pretty excited for the rest of the week, not going to lie!

Wearing vintage reconstructed dress, Target opaque tights, Aldo platform pumps

Fooling Around

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Trying to pack for New York has turned out to be harder than I thought... My mom and I have already stuffed a suitcase with all kinds of footwear that I highly doubt we'll even wear, and I also feel like I'll be wearing more than one outfit a day, which means more luggage to drag behind me... it all seems like a disaster right about now.

These random shots were taken yesterday during one of my many five minute breaks I took while working on my school projects. I attempted to play around with a few pieces to see if I could at least get some sort of idea of what to wear while on the east coast... the idea of a fluorescent color paired with something rather dull and simple seems kind of cool, except for I don't want to look like a neon traffic sign in the middle of Central Park.

Wearing Kain pocket tee, Lanvin silk-lined blazer, American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, and Forte crystal sunglasses