Why I Heart My...

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Thank you Vogue Girl Korea for letting me be a part of their "Why I Love my" feature alongside Garance Dore, Fashion Squad, Bunny Bisous, and Fashion Toast!

Here's the interview in case you'd like to read it:

What is your favorite item? My Marc by Marc Jacobs' studded bag

Can you explain the reason? 1. It fits my Macbook, massive wallet, and planner 2. The bag has put up with my careless abuse for almost a year already 3. Allows me to smuggle sunflower seeds and chocolate-covered gummy bears into the movie theater 4. Smells like coconut body butter for some weird reason 5. The stud and staple detail is seriously genius 6. Can carry a change of shoes 7. It pretty much goes with anything I wear 8. Has many compartments inside which makes my busy life a lot less of a hassle 9. Serves as a pillow sometimes 10. Also serves as a heating device whenever my legs are cold

When/How/Why did you get it? Well it was between this bag and a crimson red Miu Miu one, but then my birthday came around and my parents surprised me with it!

What is your signature style? It's always a clash between feminine and masculine pieces with a touch of easy elegance, sometimes a touch of craziness too.

What is your favorite way of styling the item? Can you give any tips? My Marc by Marc bag is so versatile, it can almost be worn with anything.

How often do you wear the item? Nearly everyday.

What is your current wish item? If you could buy one item for the Autumn, what would it be? Christian Louboutin mesh cut-out ankle boots

Wish I Was Wearing...

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Balmain rocket studded blazer, Maje Kiev silk cropped pants, Passarella Death Squad Paris tee, Fendi suede platform pumps, Linda Farrow sunglasses, Jil Sander patent leather clutch, Ugo Cacciatori snake engraved ring, Stefania Lucchetta titanium ring, Lleana Makri diamonds stud earrings
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Stella McCartney silk charmeuse top, Topshop pleated skirt, Luella brocade clutch, Christian Louboutin striped ankle boots, Isharya embellished ring, Chanel faux dome earrings, The Met Store emerald ring, Dries van Noten by Linda Farrow sunglasses

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Stella McCartney black stovepipe jeans and lace bra, Zimmermann tea rose jacket, Vanessa bruno silk tank, Prada tote bag, Alexander Wang wrapped platform boots, Delfina Delettrez spider earrings, Mode and Bags of Sparkle rings
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Alexander McQueen tulle dress and skull clutch, Miu Miu goat fur coat, Sophia Kokosalaki long leather gloves, Fendi platform mary janes, Topshop tights, Luella by Linda Farrow sunglasses

Go Ladies

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Not really sure why I love this photo so much... must be because of the bubblegum pink bow sitting gracefully on top of her head. 

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Geezy's Margielas (secretly I'm jealous).

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Still looking for the perfect wine-tinted lipstick and liquid eyeliner... suggestions?
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Um excuse me, are these not the most ridiculous sunglasses you've ever seen? I feel like I need them!

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Favorite Ashley Olsen photo ever
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My new scorpion tattoo... it's the symbol of Durango, Mexico, where my mom was born. I love it!

Victory's Within the Mile

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Broke the zipper of my favorite denim skinnies today while waiting impatiently for an iced latte at Coffee bean and still managed to find a way to cover up my crotch with this semi-sheer coral blouse. 

I'll be flying out to New York next month and I'm beyond excited! Planning on devouring Norma's chocolate decadence french toast from Le Parker Meridien... best breakfast ever. 

Wearing vintage coral button-up blouse, sunglasses, and cream blazer, BDG jeans, and Asos double strap platforms


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Re-worked vintage peplum dress from Free P Star, Melie Bianco woven clutch

Soldier Simon

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This ridiculous weather has made it a little difficult to come up with creative and innovative ways of dressing... I am officially ready for Fall. 

Wearing vintage dress and denim jacket, Alexander McQueen heels, American Apparel Fontana sunglasses

Everywhere and Anywhere

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Took these photos a few days ago after walking away from an irresistible pair of Giuseppe Zanotti cut out wedges that were ridiculously marked down. Although I've promised myself to spend less and focus on buying pieces that are truly versatile, I sit here stuffing my face with habanero hummus wondering if I made the right decision by leaving the store empty-handed.

Telling you that this blazer is one of my all-time favorites from my ever-growing collection is totally an understatement... I will seriously never get rid of it... I'm even considering passing it down to my future daughter because that's how much I love it.

Wearing vintage mustard blazer, cream lace leotard by American Apparel, vintage sunglasses