Mixing Liquids

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Wearing vintage silk blouse, orange bubble skirt and satin bow-tie clutch by F21, vintage chandelier earrings and sunglasses, Lamb strappy heels, American Apparel floppy hat

Washed Out

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Va Va Vegas

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Just a few quick shots from today... spent practically the entire day by the pool and now my skin feels as if it is on fire. Must apply aloe vera as soon as possible. 

Purchased a pair of strappy buckle wedges similar to these- I'd like to think they're going to be my new favorite shoes. Oh and for those who asked, my skirt in the last post is actually from F21, I got it a while back though!

I'll Be Waiting

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Although terribly uncomfortable, I will stand like a strong warrior in these marbled Alexander McQueen heels because I love them that much. 

Leaving to Vegas in about four hours and I have yet to pack... Have I ever mentioned I am probably the worst packer in the world? ... Will post photos while on vacation!

Wearing AA sheer tank, faded denim jacket by H&M, Alexander McQueen marbled heels

Roof top

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I was wandering through one of my favorite vintage shops when I spotted these incredibly funky sunglasses dangling from the store's wall panel. I had been meaning to purchase a pair of round frames, but these ones are damn perfect because they are indeed a little too "crazy." And for me, crazy is good. 

Wearing Zara sequins tee, zipper skirt from H&M, vintage sunglasses, Marni wedges


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Thank you Jamie for the making this awesome collage, I love it!

Currently watching MJ's memorial and it is so powerful and touching... goodbye to the greatest music legend of our time.