Like it's Golden

purp7-1.jpg picture by stylebook18purp10.jpg picture by stylebook18

I hadn't been to Forever21 in a while, but I made a quick stop yesterday after attempting to repair my crappy iPod at the Apple store... since when do you need to make a damn appointment to get your uncooperative electronics to work properly?

Anyway, I ended up finding a plethora (ooo fancy word) of bubble hem dresses and snagged two because I figured they'd be perfect over slinky tank tops or paired with crazy collar pieces.

I'm off to Bakersfield for Memorial Day... so excited to see my cousins. We're going cow-tipping. Be jealous.

Wearing strapless cream bubble dress from F21, taupe sexuali-tee from AA, Bebe leather cut out sandals, and Kimichi Blue tie dyed clutch