Lingering on my Brain

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Some of my favorite looks... the photo in the middle especially. Love the idea of layering a colorful halter dress over a puff sleeve blouse. 

Photos from: Jak&Jil,, and The Sartorialist
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Aren't these beautiful?! Thank you to the reader who showed me this shoe collection!!

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Checked out a book on Francis Bacon a while ago and fell in love with his artwork. Scanned a few of his paintings and now they're hanging up on my inspiration board. 

Bow back bodysuit  SOLD OUT

Recent purchase: Motel bow bodysuit from Pixie Market

Beautiful performance by Maxwell.... Please watch!

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And lastly, I love Zucchini. 

xx, The Zucchini Leg Girl

Like it's Golden

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I hadn't been to Forever21 in a while, but I made a quick stop yesterday after attempting to repair my crappy iPod at the Apple store... since when do you need to make a damn appointment to get your uncooperative electronics to work properly?

Anyway, I ended up finding a plethora (ooo fancy word) of bubble hem dresses and snagged two because I figured they'd be perfect over slinky tank tops or paired with crazy collar pieces.

I'm off to Bakersfield for Memorial Day... so excited to see my cousins. We're going cow-tipping. Be jealous.

Wearing strapless cream bubble dress from F21, taupe sexuali-tee from AA, Bebe leather cut out sandals, and Kimichi Blue tie dyed clutch 

I Am Not Afraid

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Forgot to post these photos I took a little while ago because I think instead of posting them, I decided to take a little peek at and order a pair of platform sandals that are supposedly a size eight, but fit more like a size five and a half. Clearly I am still recuperating from the sadness/anger.

Good news though... my room will be ready sometime next week. That means a closet post is coming soon to a theater near you!! Oh man, I make myself laugh sometimes. 

Wearing vintage Wrangler's jacket, vintage leggings, pocket tee by Kain

Playin' in my Ears

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Current playlist:
1. Notebook- Chrisette Michele 
2. Musicology- Prince
3. Deserve You More- Musiq Soulchild
4. Feelin' Love- Paula Cole
5. Selfish- Slum Village
6. Beach Chair- JayZ
7. 4 Page Letter- Aaliyah
8. Red Red Wine- UB40
9. Again- Lenny Kravitz
10. Spanish Joint- D'angelo 
11. Number One- John Legend
12. Smash into You- Beyonce

What's on your playlist? I'm always curious to hear what other people are listening to.

Wearing vintage embroidered jacket, lace bodysuit by With Hearts in my Eyes, layered ruffle skirt, Melie Bianco fold-over clutch 

Blue Kisses

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Found these leather shorts at Kiliwatch back when I was in Paris and although they're surprisingly comfortable, I warn you, do not wear anything leather in ninety-degree weather. 

Glad you guys liked the video from the previous post!

Wearing vintage leather shorts, striped tunic from Zara, blue bow tie satin clutch from Forever 21, and Bebe platform pumps

Coco Cure

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Trying to get as much use as I can out of my blazers because excitingly enough, summer is just around the corner. Speaking of summer, I just finished ordering some pretty sensual bikinis including an itsy bitsy leopard bustier two-piece and a barely-there seafoam green bandeau adorned with a chunky seashell in the middle. Yay for lazy beach days and horrible tan lines.

Wearing Zara triple-ruffle blazer, H&M cotton jumpsuit, Marni heels, ring from Metal Pointus, and vint earrings

In the Neighborhood

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Please excuse the sporadic posting lately- school has become quite overwhelming and I have been doing nothing but studying for midterms and working on projects that I personally find rather ridiculous.

Oh and about the previous debate (Dsquared2 vs Fendi), I've decided on a pair of Stella McCartneys instead because I wasn't really digging either of those shoes as much as I thought I was. The Dsquared2 platforms aren't any different from most of the shoes I already own and the Fendi heels do indeed have some kind of strange proportion thing going on with the sculptured heel. So thank you for helping me guys!

Wearing vintage striped crop pants from Kiliwatch, H&M sheer tank, orange woven scarf, Bebe pony hair heels, AA vintage sunglasses

Red Legz

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Vogue France 2003

Another editorial from my ever-growing magazine collection... sorry for posting tons of editorials lately, they're like the only thing inspiring me right about now. 

Oh and check out the playlist I put together for The Supermelon.

Flight School

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Somebody commented that they dressed much more feminine when their hair was shorter as a way of playing up the whole "boyish" hair cut thing. As I got dressed this morning, I noticed how I've started leaning towards more frilly dresses and "let's embrace the curves" pieces... mostly because I like the way the messy mohawk juxtaposes against girly things. 

Speaking of embracing your curves, I'm going to go get pistachio ice cream now. Oh and I've developed this odd fetish for mint-colored things... like mint pantyhose and mint lingerie. Sexy, no?

Wearing vintage charcoal and cream striped dress, vintage gold buckle belt, Bebe platform pumps, Melie Bianco fold-over clutch 

Peachy Keen

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Spent the day working on my room- it's currently being remodeled so stuff is all over the place and it's driving me so insane.

Wearing vintage star sweater, American Apparel peach nylon leggings, Cathy Jean platform wedges, and Ray-ban aviators