Wrap it up

I'm not going to lie- I get a little too excited when I type something like "velvet collar" or "ruffled peplum" in the search box on and end up discovering all these pretty fabulous shops... it's incredible how talented some of these undiscovered designers are. 

Recently I discovered Bonzie, which is an independent Irish fashion label that uses thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric to create beautiful Victorian-esque boleros, shoulder wraps, and scarves. Below are some of my favorite pieces that I'd love to own... if I wasn't sticking to this whole "Let's save money" crap.

il_430xN67913719.jpg picture by stylebook18il_430xN61595242.jpg picture by stylebook18il_430xN65408270.jpg picture by stylebook18il_430xN50841642.jpg picture by stylebook18il_430xN64947732.jpg picture by stylebook18