Windy Mindy

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Although I felt awfully overdressed while at Target searching frantically for all the Sex and the City seasons DVDs, I realized that wearing potentially hazardous heels to the market or donning a ridiculously bouffant dress to the post office naturally provokes me to feel like I can perform to the best of my capabilities. 

Some readers have asked me "Do you ever just want to wear sweats?"... the answer is actually no. As vain as this may sound, I enjoy prancing in platforms around my suburban neighborhood, even if my feet are kind of in pain. It's all for the sake of "feeling good"... and when I feel good, I do good. That's the quote of the day.... "When you feel good, you do good." So deep, right?!

Wearing vintage tan wool blazer, Kain white pocket tee, Dixie navy thin-striped pants, Bebe burnt orange heels, and vintage multi-hoop earrings