Minty Fresh

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My fascination with American Apparel nylon tricot leggings never seems to cease. In fact, I own about eight different pairs, with my newest acquisition being a pair in hot pink (yes I'm having a love affair with anything fluorescent pink and ruffled). They're much better than the regular cotton leggings because they add that "futuristic meets non-practical" kind of vibe which I'm totally digging at the moment. 

My mom is making carne asada right now and I can practically taste it from upstairs so if you'd excuse me, I'm going to go have dinner now.... then drive to the gym and run it off... because I'm a warrior. Amen.

Wearing Dixie ruffled neckline top, vintage teal blazer, black AA nylon leggings, Marni wedges, and Melie Bianco fold-over clutch