Color Me Badd

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One of my most favorite editorials ever.
Vogue Russia August 2006

Minty Fresh

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My fascination with American Apparel nylon tricot leggings never seems to cease. In fact, I own about eight different pairs, with my newest acquisition being a pair in hot pink (yes I'm having a love affair with anything fluorescent pink and ruffled). They're much better than the regular cotton leggings because they add that "futuristic meets non-practical" kind of vibe which I'm totally digging at the moment. 

My mom is making carne asada right now and I can practically taste it from upstairs so if you'd excuse me, I'm going to go have dinner now.... then drive to the gym and run it off... because I'm a warrior. Amen.

Wearing Dixie ruffled neckline top, vintage teal blazer, black AA nylon leggings, Marni wedges, and Melie Bianco fold-over clutch

Wrap it up

I'm not going to lie- I get a little too excited when I type something like "velvet collar" or "ruffled peplum" in the search box on and end up discovering all these pretty fabulous shops... it's incredible how talented some of these undiscovered designers are. 

Recently I discovered Bonzie, which is an independent Irish fashion label that uses thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric to create beautiful Victorian-esque boleros, shoulder wraps, and scarves. Below are some of my favorite pieces that I'd love to own... if I wasn't sticking to this whole "Let's save money" crap.

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The weather has been treating us well here in California so I figured a pair of white jeans (thank you Genetic Denim!) would be perfect for a rather bright, sunny day. I spent the day with my boyfriend, enjoying breakfast at one of our favorite cafes, shopping only a little (because I'm still "detoxifying"), slouching in our chairs at Starbucks while people-watching, and grabbing some sushi at the Geisha House-- those kind of days are the best... unplanned and simple. 

Wearing ruffled silk collar from Florence, jeans by Genetic Denim, Bebe platform pumps, H&M sundress worn as a blouse, H&M silk lapel blazer, and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Pink is Hot, Hot is Pink

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Leaving in a minute to dinner and a movie with the boyfriend, but I wanted to post this blinding fluorescent pink blazer I found at a thrift store a while ago- isn't it way intense?! I kind of avoided it because of its boldness, but I was feeling a little bright today so I thought it fit my mood perfectly. 

Wearing vintage blazer, vintage lace and velvet minidress, and Bakers button strap sandals

See you later Alligator

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Windy Mindy

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Although I felt awfully overdressed while at Target searching frantically for all the Sex and the City seasons DVDs, I realized that wearing potentially hazardous heels to the market or donning a ridiculously bouffant dress to the post office naturally provokes me to feel like I can perform to the best of my capabilities. 

Some readers have asked me "Do you ever just want to wear sweats?"... the answer is actually no. As vain as this may sound, I enjoy prancing in platforms around my suburban neighborhood, even if my feet are kind of in pain. It's all for the sake of "feeling good"... and when I feel good, I do good. That's the quote of the day.... "When you feel good, you do good." So deep, right?!

Wearing vintage tan wool blazer, Kain white pocket tee, Dixie navy thin-striped pants, Bebe burnt orange heels, and vintage multi-hoop earrings

Pure Juicyness

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Oliver Goldsmith, Urban Outfitters, Lanvin, Retrosuperfuture, Sonia Rykiel, Dita, vintage

After purchasing my retrosuperfuture sunglasses at Collette a few weeks ago, I have become strangely fascinated with eccentric eyewear (see above).... and since I'm going through a detoxifying process in which I cannot purchase anything materialistic due to the extraneous spending that occurred while overseas, I am gloomily sitting here wishing that I could find a way to own a pair of jewel encrusted or perfectly pale pink sunnies. 

Oh and I've joined Twitter just because all of America is doing it.

Junk for Joy

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Found this curtain-like jumpsuit right before I departed to Europe, but didn't end up packing it due to the exaggeration about the terribly cold weather. 

Wearing it today gave me the idea of maybe getting some sort of trippy flower tattoo on my hip.... 

Vintage Tori Richards jumpsuit, Steve Madden metallic multi-strap sandals, F21 earrings, Marc by Marc bag

For Me

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"Forgiven, so that I can forgive."

Look in the Mirror

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As I was browsing through the multitudes of clothing at Kiliwatch, I found this awesomely high-waisted skirt and only purchased because of the little bow accents at the hem... wish I could've taken close-up photos of them!

Watched the movie "The Cross" last night and couldn't stop crying. Everyone should definitely go check it out... it beats those overrated movies that always seem to generate lines of crazy fanatics at the theater. 

Wearing brandy jersey tee, vintage satin skirt, leviticus elephant charm necklace layered over lulugrace gray fringe necklace


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It feels soooo good to be back in California! Spent my Sunday chowing down American food (can't eat anymore Italian for at least three weeks... so sick of it) and playing in the sand with my most favorite people.

Have tons of emails to get to, so be patient with me! 

Wearing vintage black and white floral dress, latex corset from random stripper store in Paris, Marni leather wedges 

Goodbye Europe

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Goody Two Shoes

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I've never eaten so many carbs in my life... tortellini with white truffle sauce, bread and butter, tiramisu gelato, and veal sauteed with mushrooms and eggplant- just to name a few. 

Saying good-bye to Florence, off to Rome. Although I'm really loving Europe and all it has to offer, I miss my family and boyfriend... and Spencer. 

Wearing H&M puffed sleeve blazer, black Express leggings, Kain tee, Jonak bright blue oxfords, Metal Pointus ring, and Jenny Yuen patent purse