Random with a capital R

lanvinearringss.jpg picture by stylebook18
Still on what seems like an endless search for the perfect pair of extravagantly bold chandeliers/hoop earrings. These pairs by Lanvin are sooo beautiful!

tulleee.jpg picture by stylebook18
I am aware of the fact that this peplum-like tulle skirt isn't quite appropriate for running errands or whatever, but I'd still like to find something remotely similar (and longer) to pair with a tailored jacket and a pair of black silk gloves.
DKNY1.jpg picture by stylebook18
Not sure how to feel about these. I really loved them when I saw them on the runway, but then I checked them out at and realized that the heel is shorter (3-inchers would feel so wrong)... is it just me or does the heel on the runway photos look a little more than three freakin inches??

tightsss.jpg picture by stylebook18
Vint photo- My brother and I were trying to start a trend...
PROENZA.jpg picture by stylebook18
Proenza Schouler S/S 09 is one of my favorite collections ever. Kind of surprised I didn't post anything about it until now.

Beyonce killed it. End of story.