Just an observation

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It's sort of funny how I haven't worn any pants for the past few days... must be because I keep getting fooled by the ridiculously bright sunlight beaming through my windows, therefore assuming the temperature outside is like eighty-five degrees when in reality, it's only sixty. 

Anyway, I purchased a pair of converse as a way of breaking the "high heel" barrier and I'm kind of excited. Sneakers I've purchased in the past were usually paired with yoga pants and nike sweats (I was a hip hop dancer up until I screwed up my knee). Now I am eagerly awaiting their arrival as I plan on wearing them with structured black coats, thermal leggings, and brightly-colored blazers.

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Wearing QS dress, Bebe yellow braided leather sandals, H&M gray knitted scarf, H&M floral seashell earrings