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Random shots I took before devouring a massive ham and cheese crepe (almost compatible to a Starbucks iced soy chai). 

Throughout my adventures here in Paris, I've learned that not even the most appropriate shoes designated for maximal walking prevent my feet from death... I wore my comfortable-in-California lace-up wedges yesterday and ended up with disturbingly blistered feet... so gross.

Oh and I found tons of good stuff here at the shops you guys recommended, so thank you! Leaving to Florence tomorrow in the morning, so excited.

Wearing H&M funnel neck jacket, American Apparel one-piece layered under Zara harem pants, H&M pale pink scarf from a long time ago, vintage beaded chandelier earrings, black and gray double-layer Converse

Rue St. Honore

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paris1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Just arrived yesterday and I'm already in love with this city. Crepes are amazing, vehicles don't seem to care about pedestrians, the Louvre Museum was beautiful, and I'm embarrassed to say anything in French in fear of sounding like a complete fool. 

Wearing vintage pale pink blazer, vintage fur scarf layered under boyfriend's knitted scarf, Victoria Secret black bustier bra, black leather paneled riding pants, Zara bow flats, and Super wayfarers

Live Fancy

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Please forgive me for the sporadic posting... I have a huge final tomorrow and I'm dying. 

I leave for Europe on Tuesday and I'm so excitedddd. Throughout this weekend, certain situations have proven that I really suck at packing (strategically placing every shoe in the luggage as if it was a puzzle piece did not work). My best friend fit everything quite seamlessly in her MEDIUM sized suitcase while I frantically struggled to cram all of my crap in an EXTRA LARGE suitcase that could probably double as a damn refrigerator... how pathetic.

Should be posting while abroad... Oh by the way- any restaurants, shops, vintage boutiques, etc you recommend while in Paris/Florence/Rome?

Wearing vintage fringed scarf, gray F21 cowl neck tee, Levi's, Steve Madden metallic strap heels, vintage tweed coat, F21 satin cobalt blue clutch

Lost Canyon

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Wearing vintage silk shirt dress, American Apparel gray floppy hat, vintage silver hoop earrings, and Steve Madden metallic multi-strap platforms

The pants again!

lipz2-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18lipz8-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

These pants stirred up a bundle of mixed emotions last time they were worn on the blog, but I figured I'd bring them out anyway and play around with their swooshyness. I had completely forgotten about them until last night when the hanger bursted and I was able to rescue them from a sea of denim skinnies. 

Wore this as I studied for my finals (I don't mind getting dressed up to simply sit at my desk and read chapters and chapters of crap) until the obnoxious belt started jutting into my ribs causing me to experience shortage of breathe and change into a simple sheer tee. I also went for a quick Starbucks run and was quite amused when the barista (everyone at Starbeezies knows me well... how pathetic that I was once "customer of the week") said " Oh my God I sooo want to pet your legs." I giggled... if she only knew how I secretly enjoy petting my fringed legs like some sort of crazy nutcase.

Wearing cream fringed trousers, vintage Lanvin suede blazer, Cathy jean platform wedges, and vintage snakeskin belt


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bluegems.jpg picture by stylebook18plasticplatform.jpg picture by stylebook18blkqueen.jpg picture by stylebook18sequinskt.jpg picture by stylebook18magentadress-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

scans from Elle UK September 2007

O'range you glad

or13-1.jpg picture by stylebook18oe2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18or14-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Bringing out the architectural wedges again, so exciting.

I browsed the flea market with my "shopping accomplice" today and discovered a new spot that sells nothing but reconstructed African jewelry- ended up snagging three pairs of gigantically bold earrings. I forgot my wallet at home so the dearest boyfriend paid... I must remember to reimburse him. Come to think of it, I've said "Oh I'll pay you back" tons of times before and always seem to forget...Oopsies. 

Wearing vintage cheetah blouse, Zara cream trousers, Jessica Simpson wedges, H&M black blazer, scarf from Cannes,France (from like 4 years ago)

Just an observation

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It's sort of funny how I haven't worn any pants for the past few days... must be because I keep getting fooled by the ridiculously bright sunlight beaming through my windows, therefore assuming the temperature outside is like eighty-five degrees when in reality, it's only sixty. 

Anyway, I purchased a pair of converse as a way of breaking the "high heel" barrier and I'm kind of excited. Sneakers I've purchased in the past were usually paired with yoga pants and nike sweats (I was a hip hop dancer up until I screwed up my knee). Now I am eagerly awaiting their arrival as I plan on wearing them with structured black coats, thermal leggings, and brightly-colored blazers.

 Picture2-7.png picture by stylebook18

Wearing QS dress, Bebe yellow braided leather sandals, H&M gray knitted scarf, H&M floral seashell earrings

Tick tock

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My stomach is rumbling like a chimpanzee but I thought I'd post these before I head out to dinner with the family.

I'm planning to do a "closet tour" post soon! My closet is going to be remodeled so once it's all nice and pretty, I'll do some sort of video.

Wearing vintage leather skirt, Anthropologie floral cardigan, white sheer tee, and Cathy jean wedges


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Wow, I didn't think what was meant as a joke would cause such an issue. I come from a family of jokesters, we're always making fun of each other's stupidities and none us are sensitive nor do we ever take any name-calling personal. I honestly never meant to hurt anyone feelings... I seem to forget most of you don't know my goofy personality which clearly isn't transferable through a computer screen. So if I offended anyone, I apologize.

I'm so proud of myself for managing to trot across uneven cobblestone grounds in five-inchers without twisting an ankle. It kind of made me feel like I won't be needing those high-top converse or triple-buckle boots for Florence and Rome. Yay me!

Wearing vintage wedding dress made into a mini, H&M 40 den tights, Bebe platforms, Marc by Marc bag

Wishy Washy

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It struck me as a surprise when I found myself trying on this ridiculously ruffled mini dress because normally, I'd gag at the sight of anything remotely similar to a one of those wash cloth things you find at a close-out store. While mostly everyone is wearing dark colors for some reason (must be because of the colder climates), I figured I'd skip the black tights today and wear it with ivory nylon leggings. 

I was having lunch with my mom and brother and found some girl laughing at my leggings so I decided to indirectly make fun of her by stating, "At least I don't have a triple chin!!" Not the best comeback, but I couldn't think of anything at that moment so don't judge.

Wearing F21 charcoal ruffled dress, AA ivory leggings, custom-tailored leather jacket

Flashy thing

gold2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

I went to the flea market about three weeks ago and spotted this oddly ostentatious jumpsuit that stirred up mixed feelings like "Ooo so sensual" and "Ooo so crazy in a strange way"- I wasn't so sure about it, so I ended up not buying it and instead purchased some sort of harness corset thingy (I really need to show you guys... it's intense). Anyway, I went back last week and saw it again and kind of felt like it was a sign from the heavens above, so I bought it after I received my boyfriend's nod of approval. Yes, it is completely out-there, but I kind of love it. 

Wearing vint jumpsuit, Bebe platform pumps, vintage chandelier earrings

Random with a capital R

lanvinearringss.jpg picture by stylebook18
Still on what seems like an endless search for the perfect pair of extravagantly bold chandeliers/hoop earrings. These pairs by Lanvin are sooo beautiful!

tulleee.jpg picture by stylebook18
I am aware of the fact that this peplum-like tulle skirt isn't quite appropriate for running errands or whatever, but I'd still like to find something remotely similar (and longer) to pair with a tailored jacket and a pair of black silk gloves.
DKNY1.jpg picture by stylebook18
Not sure how to feel about these. I really loved them when I saw them on the runway, but then I checked them out at and realized that the heel is shorter (3-inchers would feel so wrong)... is it just me or does the heel on the runway photos look a little more than three freakin inches??

tightsss.jpg picture by stylebook18
Vint photo- My brother and I were trying to start a trend...
PROENZA.jpg picture by stylebook18
Proenza Schouler S/S 09 is one of my favorite collections ever. Kind of surprised I didn't post anything about it until now.

Beyonce killed it. End of story.

Vogue Girl Korea + QS

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voguegirl1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

While rifling through crappy shoulder-padded blazers and ugly grandma shoes the other day (bad thrifting), I got a call from my daddy who happily stated, "The Korean Vogue magazine came in!"... at first I thought, "Wow dad thanks for opening the damn package before me," but then I got really excited about the whole shebang and forgave him for being so nosey.

Anyway, I feel very honored to be featured in the World Fashion Blogger article alongside other familiar/fabulous bloggers- so thank you Vogue Girl Korea! 

Oh, and since I cannot read a single word in the magazine, here's the interview in English:

1 Briefly introduce yourself. What’s
your name? Birthday? Location? Job? I’m Karla Deras, I’m a full-time student, and I live in the dreary suburbs known as Simi Valley. Oh and my birthday is September 14th, 1989.

2 When did you first blogging and why? Started it back in April 2008. I had developed a pretty intense addiction to some of my favorite style blogs, so that kind of inspired me to join the club and give the whole blogging thing a try.

3 What is your signature style? Masculinity meets femininity. I’m usually donning something black whether it’s a pair of five inch platforms or a wool jumper with patterned leggings. I love experimenting with pieces I wouldn’t normally wear- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (obviously), but it's all about having fun with it.

4 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look? I had this huge inspiration folder saved on my computer when I was in high school and I’d always emulate the looks with some of the pieces I owned (because not everyone owns an ostrich-feathered coat or a Birkin bag). Through countless attempts of trying to recreate other people’s looks, I think it challenged me to find my “own” style.

5 What is your fashion/styling rule? It’s better to be overdressed then underdressed!

6 Explain how you get dressed in the morning, step by step.
Tough question because I’ve never actually evaluated my “getting dressed in the morning” process. If I have school early in the morning, I usually just pick what I’m going to wear the night before (because I can’t make reasonable styling choices while half-awake). On the days that I don't go to school, I just open the closet doors and stare into space for about 5 minutes until I find something to wear that day.

7 What is your key fashion item? A deteriorating black wool blazer. I just get so much wear out of it.

8 And what’s your favorite way of styling the item? I like pairing it with my vintage Escada belt- it’s like the most convenient way of wearing it.

9 Explain how you mix and max color palette. Don’t have any rules- I like mixing pale colors with black and I always love adding cobalt blue to any color palette (I love cobalt blue).

10 Who’s your fashion icon and why? Audrey Hepburn is my number one lover!

11 Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite shops and why? I shop everywhere. My favorite place ever would probably be the Fairfax flea market. I like wandering around aimlessly and finding hidden treasures buried underneath gingham-printed coats that smell like old men.

12 What are some things you keep in mind when you shop? Do you have any shopping rules? I make a list of items to keep a look out for- that usually keeps me focused, because otherwise I’ll end up buying stuff I won’t wear.

13 What’s your most recent purchase? Can you give any tips on how to wear it? A pair of Bebe lavender platform wedges. I would give tips, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to wear them myself!

14 What’s your favorite show from 2009 S/S collection? Has this show affected the way you dress in
any way? Currently obsessing over Armand Basi’s S/S 2009 collection. I’ve been inspired to design a pretty skirt with an exaggerated peplum.

15 If you can buy one item for the summer, what would it be?
That forest green silk-gathered jumpsuit from the Chloe S/S 2009 collection!

xo, Karla

No Black

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Driving at approximately 80 mph (or actually who knows what speed I was driving at because my speedometer is broken) and singing along loud and proud to Lady Gaga, I made a decision that I was going to try wearing other colors besides black (yes I will consider black a color because I get confused by the tint/shade crap). So as soon as I got home, I hurried to my room to play around with the limited colored clothing options that I have and quickly discovered that maybe, just maybe, black isn't the greatest color of all. 

Wearing vintage silk dress, Bebe leather sandals, F21 earrings, and a tie-dyed clutch from the lovely folks at Urban.