Scattered thoughts

chanelllove.jpg picture by stylebook18
I spotted these last night and couldn't quite figure out what they reminded me of... then I remembered. They kind of resemble the clear plasticized platforms that galloped down the Chanel S/S 2009 runway. And yes, I am aware that they totally give away a stripper vibe, but I'm shamelessly smitten by all the pretty pole dancer shoes I find online.modelscopy-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
I wish I had a reason to wear fancy dresses everyday. Question: Do wedding dresses always HAVE to be white?

streetstyle-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
In dire need of red lipstick. I'm dying to wear it, but I'm kind of afraid. Remind me to play with it soon.

BOOOTZ-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
I'll be traveling to Europe in March and I was told that no one really wears heels in Florence/Rome because it rains a lot which makes the cobblestone hard to walk on.  That lead me to purchase this pair of buckled flat boots. Yes, I purchased a pair of flat shoes... which means I'm learning to embrace my height. Well technically, I've always embraced it, it's just I like feeling tall... like an old oak tree. 
edamame.jpg picture by stylebook18

Oh and this is rather irrelevant info, but I just discovered that edamame and teriyaki sauce tastes like a touch of heaven.