Ruffle truffle

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First of all, let me start off by saying that the title of this post is probably really lame but I couldn't think of anything exciting or brilliant due to a lack of caffeine in my system...

The weather here in SoCal insists on being sunny and beautiful, and surprisingly enough, I'm kind of enjoying it. So this morning, I felt it'd quite appropriate to debut my ruffled mini skirt (wasn't originally mini, I chopped a few ruffles off) and take advantage of the way the sun lit up my room so romantically- so romantic that it would make even the most emo kid joyous and jubilant. Oh and being the overwhelmingly smart woman that I am, I figured it would only be a stupid mistake if I didn't wear my gray floppy hat today.... to protect me from the hazardous UV rays of course.

Wearing a vintage satin ruffled skirt, American Apparel longsleeve u-neck leotard, American Apparel felt floppy hat, and Bakers multi-strap heels