Received an email from a fellow reader recommending that I should check out the latest Dolce and Gabbana collection because "it seemed like something I'd be into", and boy was she right. This must mean two things... A) I am quite the predictable one and B) I have a tendency to fancy anything that has to do with undergarments (aka bodystockings, corset tops, and frilly lingerie, etc).
DG.jpg picture by stylebook18

With witty references to 1950's operatic musical theaters, the collection consisted of bustier dresses with lampshade skirts in what looks like furniture fabric, jewel encrusted denim, tulle tutus in pretty pastels, overly ruffled dresses that seemed to exude some sort of royal quality, and last but not least, the sexiest sky scrapers I will probably ever encounter... wish there were close-ups avaialable so that I could swoon over them even more. 

The happiness in my bones right now strikes me as a surprise as I have really never been into their stuff, however this collection was nothing short of amazing, therefore I embrace Dolce and Gabbana with open arms.