Cinnamon sky

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I realize I haven't taken the time to answer some of the comments you guys leave and I apologize- I'll try to get back to them as soon as I can! Pinky promise. Anyway, I decided to address a few questions that I've been asked more than once...

A) I have four tattoos- one on each wrist, one under my oh so muscular bicep, and one on my rib cage. 
B) You can make your photos larger by uploading them through an image hosting site like image shack or photobucket, instead of uploading directly through your computer.
C) Some of my fave vintage shops here in LA are Wasteland, American Vint, and this little spot located at the Fairfax flea market.
D) No.... I haven't had my lips/nose done. And if I did, I wouldn't have a problem saying it.

Oh and I totally went on a rampage this weekend and bought all these short and sweet dresses. I'm a maniac (cue Michael Sembello- MANIAC).

Wearing vintage sheer dress, H&M tights, Pleaser boots, vintage fur