Shearling + Tutu

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Today was all about a much-needed shopping adventure that led me to my latest acquisition- a pair of leather cut-out sandals that I am a little anxious to wear.

Oh and yes ladies and gentlemen, I actually wore a tutu today.... and proud of it.

Wearing vint shearling fur leather jacket, black tulle tutu, vint white silk shirt, and H&M tights


Received an email from a fellow reader recommending that I should check out the latest Dolce and Gabbana collection because "it seemed like something I'd be into", and boy was she right. This must mean two things... A) I am quite the predictable one and B) I have a tendency to fancy anything that has to do with undergarments (aka bodystockings, corset tops, and frilly lingerie, etc).
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With witty references to 1950's operatic musical theaters, the collection consisted of bustier dresses with lampshade skirts in what looks like furniture fabric, jewel encrusted denim, tulle tutus in pretty pastels, overly ruffled dresses that seemed to exude some sort of royal quality, and last but not least, the sexiest sky scrapers I will probably ever encounter... wish there were close-ups avaialable so that I could swoon over them even more. 

The happiness in my bones right now strikes me as a surprise as I have really never been into their stuff, however this collection was nothing short of amazing, therefore I embrace Dolce and Gabbana with open arms.

So damn brilliant

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Styled by Sarah Richardson


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I remember the old days when towering platforms weren't really that tall... or better yet, when four-inch heels were considered the maximum heel height limit. Those days were pretty sweet in comparison to today... I cannot function properly and go about my daily routine without dressing my dainty (not really dainty, they're quite wide) little feet up with a pair of six-inchers. 

Having said that, these wedges are insanity at its best... I have never seen a pair of shoes look so perfect in cream! Plus, they're way comfortable, but I suppose that is to be expected from a shoe with a cushioned platform and a massive wedged heel. 

Ps. I'm studying for a midterm as we speak and my eyeballs are about to pop out in frustration. Goodnight lovely people.

Wearing vint lace dress, Cathy Jean wedges, and H&M tights


3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Those pale pink platforms are so damn heavenly... And I wouldn't mind some of that gold criss-cross strappage to add to my weenie shoe collection. 

Ruffian F/W 09

00270m-2.jpg picture by stylebook18Ruffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Ruffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearRuffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Ruffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearRuffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Ruffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-WearRuffian Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Call me a dummy but I had never heard of Ruffian up until yesterday, when I found myself browsing Ruffian's  (designers: Brian Wolk & Claude Morais) past collections in part amazement, part admiration. Some of Wolk & Morais' previous collections weren't really my sort of flavor (think overly fringed heels, bohemian flow-y skirts, and schoolboy outfits with loosely knotted ties), but I respect them as designers for always testing the waters and using their many random inspirations (seventies punk, rebellious prep-school kids, Bob Dylan in the fifties, etc) to create fun, modern, and youthful collections. 

This season, all Ruffian models stomped down the runway donning what seemed to be a polka dot bodystocking- which were presented in the most flatteringly feminine manner... you know, without looking like some sort of gothic queen. Pieces such as tailored jackets with matching skirts, short lady-like dresses bursting with ruffles, satin bustiers, and jeweled corsets were layered over the pretty bodystockings. The pants were high-waisted, tapered above the ankle, and resembled the trousers I saw in a previous YSL collection which equals beautiful-ness in my book. 

I kind of really love Ruffian now and as scary as this may sound, I'm dying to try the whole "let's make a bodystocking look super sophisticated" ordeal.

Chrome Explosion

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I have nothing but reams of love for this superbly scalloped blazer. It has always, hands down, been one of my most prized possessions. Perhaps it's the way the sleeves were sewn perfectly to fit my languid little arms or how the color makes any drab ensemble scream " Hi! I'm here!... And there's no stopping me now!" (Just made that up in case you're wondering why it makes no sense... don't judge please). Either way, I love it and it'll totally be a sad day when I eventually get tired/bored/annoyed of it. Amen to that.

Wearing vint blazer, Zara harem pants, random sheer tee, and vint black satin clutch

Happy Valentines Day!

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Tonight was clearly the perfect occasion to debut the red lips. Hope everyone had a good V-day! 

Heavenly lighting

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I am not quite sure why my heart palpitates every time I lay my eyes on something with overly ostentatious shoulder shapes. Perhaps it is not so wise to wear something like this while making photo copies at Kinko's- I got all kinds of odd stares... but I didn't really care because I felt like a prince (no not a princess) with my golden jacquard woven jacket. 

Oh and thank you Nadia from the jewelry site for these beautiful earrings, I LOVE THEM!

Wearing vintage jacket, AA black one piece, Bebe gold buckle platforms

Cinnamon sky

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I realize I haven't taken the time to answer some of the comments you guys leave and I apologize- I'll try to get back to them as soon as I can! Pinky promise. Anyway, I decided to address a few questions that I've been asked more than once...

A) I have four tattoos- one on each wrist, one under my oh so muscular bicep, and one on my rib cage. 
B) You can make your photos larger by uploading them through an image hosting site like image shack or photobucket, instead of uploading directly through your computer.
C) Some of my fave vintage shops here in LA are Wasteland, American Vint, and this little spot located at the Fairfax flea market.
D) No.... I haven't had my lips/nose done. And if I did, I wouldn't have a problem saying it.

Oh and I totally went on a rampage this weekend and bought all these short and sweet dresses. I'm a maniac (cue Michael Sembello- MANIAC).

Wearing vintage sheer dress, H&M tights, Pleaser boots, vintage fur

Golden Laces

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Who would've thought that an uncomplicated flip-flop of shoelaces would create a rather blissful illusion of brand new shoes. 

Wearing a vintage polka dot dress, black wolford skirt under, H&M tights, and Pleaser boots

Scattered thoughts

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I spotted these last night and couldn't quite figure out what they reminded me of... then I remembered. They kind of resemble the clear plasticized platforms that galloped down the Chanel S/S 2009 runway. And yes, I am aware that they totally give away a stripper vibe, but I'm shamelessly smitten by all the pretty pole dancer shoes I find online.modelscopy-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
I wish I had a reason to wear fancy dresses everyday. Question: Do wedding dresses always HAVE to be white?

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In dire need of red lipstick. I'm dying to wear it, but I'm kind of afraid. Remind me to play with it soon.

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I'll be traveling to Europe in March and I was told that no one really wears heels in Florence/Rome because it rains a lot which makes the cobblestone hard to walk on.  That lead me to purchase this pair of buckled flat boots. Yes, I purchased a pair of flat shoes... which means I'm learning to embrace my height. Well technically, I've always embraced it, it's just I like feeling tall... like an old oak tree. 
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Oh and this is rather irrelevant info, but I just discovered that edamame and teriyaki sauce tastes like a touch of heaven. 

Ruffle truffle

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First of all, let me start off by saying that the title of this post is probably really lame but I couldn't think of anything exciting or brilliant due to a lack of caffeine in my system...

The weather here in SoCal insists on being sunny and beautiful, and surprisingly enough, I'm kind of enjoying it. So this morning, I felt it'd quite appropriate to debut my ruffled mini skirt (wasn't originally mini, I chopped a few ruffles off) and take advantage of the way the sun lit up my room so romantically- so romantic that it would make even the most emo kid joyous and jubilant. Oh and being the overwhelmingly smart woman that I am, I figured it would only be a stupid mistake if I didn't wear my gray floppy hat today.... to protect me from the hazardous UV rays of course.

Wearing a vintage satin ruffled skirt, American Apparel longsleeve u-neck leotard, American Apparel felt floppy hat, and Bakers multi-strap heels