Beauty picks

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Haven't done a beauty post in a while, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products/products I'm tempted to try. 

1. Rene Furterer Curbicia regulating shampoo- This may sound a little weird but for some bizarre reason I have a really oil scalp so this shampoo is like a total life-saver. Keeps me from having to wash my hair everyday!
2. MAC carbon eyeshadow- Sometimes I use it as eyeliner by smearing it on with a Q tip, or I'll do super smokey eye... usually when I'm going out with the boyfriend.
3. Urban Decay shadow in Ransom- Been dying to try purple eyeshadow. Has anybody ever worked with colored eye shadow?
4. Nars The Multiple in copacabana- It has become one of my makeup necessities. It can be worn on your cheeks, lips, and eyes, but I prefer to use it on my cheeks (creates an illusion of killer cheekbones!) 
5. Diorshow Black out mascara-  One thing I think every girl should use everyday no matter how much of a rush you're in is... mascara. I tried Dior's as a sample from Sephora and now I pretty much use it everyday. Makes your lashes look full and thick without looking too dramatic for everyday wear. 
6. Revlon Nail polish in Fuchsia Fever and Raven Red- I'm sort of over (sort of being the keywords) my cherry-red nail color. I'm toying with these two colors right now- they're total opposites of each other, but I love them.
7. Rene Furterer Pate Modelante- Another Rene Furterer product that I use daily. It's my secret (shh) to keeping my hair somewhat under control.

Sooo... any beauty products you're into right now? 

Black silk

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This drop crotch jumpsuit is probably the greatest invention Zara has ever made. It's like the silk jammies I always wanted, but never owned. I've worn it two days in a row due to it being so damn comfortable(well except for when I sit down on a freezing cold driver seat- thank God for seat warmers). 

Anyway, I'll be trialing this jumpsuit with various pieces going over and underneath it... today, a velvet-collared cropped blazer made the perfect companion.

Wearing a vintage blazer, Zara silk jumpsuit, and Bakers strappy buttoned heels

New Love- Armand Basi

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Yves Saint Laurent embraced sheerness and visible nipples in his runway collections back in the day and now designer Markus Lupfer is doing it in a fascinating way. Combining structured volumes with extravagant fabrics, you can tell Lupfer is definitely all about having fun with fashion- and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why he is my new favorite designer (YSL will always have my heart though).

See the rest of the collection HERE

Polka Dotzz

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Skinny pants VS. wide-legged (extra comfortable) trousers? The trousers win. 

Wearing vintage high-waisted trousers, Bakers strappy button heels, black sheer tee, and vintage polka dot blazer


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Huge thanks to Marjorie from "The Urban Collection" who sent me this vintage dress from her online shop. Although it isn't something I'd normally wear, I am kind of smitten by the pretty lace detailing around the neck, collar, and sleeves. It's almost as precious as Spencer.

Wearing vintage cream dress, Wolford tights, and Bakers strappy button platforms (not pictured)

Deliberately destroyed

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The Rodarte Fall 08 Collection was definitely on my mind as I slashed and pulled yarns apart from this sweater that now resembles some sort of torn spider web. I had to wear it over a leotard because it kind of had holes in appropriate places, but other than that, I'm kind of impressed with my shredding skills.

Wearing vintage self-destroyed sweater, vintage geometrically patterned leggings, Bebe platforms, and American Apparel leotard

Fancy Feet

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Basso & Brooke's S/S 09 Collection was bursting with loud collages of patterns dazzled with Japanese inspired embroidery and heavy beading- something that would usually never make me weak in the knees. But I wasn't so much into the intensely colored prints as I was into the artfully carved platform heels designed by Raouda Assaf... seriously I died when I saw these. And I'm still dying.

Code red

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I bought this dress a while back but I never wore it because I always felt it was way too girly (not implying that I want to be considered a man). Anyway, I decided to pair it with my stripper boots because they've been sitting on my shoe shelf with no one to love them. So sad.

Wearing F21 silk bubble dress, Pleaser boots, Wolford tights, and M by MJ bag


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Perhaps the reason for wearing this blazer once again is because A) I don't like wearing things only once and B) I can't get over the totally awesome "Prince & the Pauper" element the puffed sleeves possess. Now I just need to come up with other clever ways to wear it- maybe embellish it with some jeweled pins and what not... we'll see.

Oh and Momma and I both felt the urge to indulge and purchase these Bebe braided leather platforms because we both decided we couldn't leave the store without them. It's really quite lovely having a same-sized foot mother. 

Wearing a Bebe mustard platforms, F21 multi-colored knitted leggings, and H&M puffed sleeve blazer

Fave Editorials

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credit: British Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, etc

Alice the Artist

Totally made my day when I saw this portrait in my email. Check out Alice's blog!

They're In...

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And I'm really excited to play around with them!

Kristian Aadnevik

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Gawking over these pieces from Kristian's S/S 09 collection has officially confirmed that fluorescent colors totally have the potential to be worn elegantly and without looking like I'm on my way to some sort of rave. Quite frankly, I've never been one to lust over anything multi-colored, patterned, overly bold etc., but now I sit here in a quiet room imagining the cobalt blue bandage dress with an army green fur-trimmed parka, opaque tights, and an oversized clutch- which could possibly qualify as the perfect ensemble for a random dinner date with my boyfriend. 

I definitely think Mr. Aadnevik's collection deserves a little recognition for the way he combined elements such as delicate chiffon dresses with structured leather bodices and metallic armor-like embellishments. He's done such an incredible job of convincing me that crazily bright colors are indeed precious, and for that, he holds a special place in my heart.

Screw the tights

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Been wearing thigh highs and garter belts all week... and I'm loving it.


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Daddy has been ranting about how badly he wants a well-fitting pale gray blazer so when I spotted this feather suede Lanvin blazer, I kind of felt like the greatest daughter in the world. Only problem was it fit one size too small (I know, so sad). So, because the boutique I purchased it from doesn't take returns, I decided to put the blazer to good use by pairing it with a simple mini dress and a pair of sheer tights. Yes, I'm kind of excited to have a Lanvin piece in my wardrobe.

vintage Lanvin blazer, tie dyed Forever 21 mini, Target black sheer tights, and M by MJ bag


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Sorry for taking five hundred years and a half to post something... I've been really out of it lately. But vacation time is over and I'm back with a bang (okay not really)! 

I showed up in Arizona with a whole bunch of black clothes, four pairs of shoes, and just a few accessories. Apparently almost every girl in AZ likes wearing spandex shirts (well, they call them dresses) and tons of makeup. I brought a simple black bouffant mini dress but decided it wasn't "New Years Eve"-ish enough so I borrowed my best friend's vintage sequins mini and her mom's Louis Vuitton bronze clutch to kick it up a notch. Then we found a random mask and decided it would complete the look perfectly. 

Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous New Yearssss!

Wearing a vintage beaded dress, Louis Vuitton clutch, random mask, and Bebe platform pumps