Ever since I can recall, I've always been a little more attracted to polaroid pictures more than any digital photograph simply because I find polaroid pictures a little more raw and real.. I like raw and real pictures... and some of you might think " No you don't, you always pose" and well, that is because I'm a little shy about exposing my so-called true colors to the blogging world. Plus, I also enjoy posing like I'm in Paris Fashion Week or something. Anyway, I don't know how I got off topic... the point is- after finding my dad's 600 series polaroid camera, I quickly ran to Target and was pleased to discover that they actually had film for my ancient/vintage camera. 10 photos= $18. So ridiculous but I feel it was money well spent. Here are some quick snap shots: (randommmm)

pol5.jpg picture by stylebook18

Wearing a vintage fur coat and a black leopard silk scarf

pol6.jpg picture by stylebook18

Black platform pumps

pol4.jpg picture by stylebook18

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the detail of this sweater but it has fur on the shoulders! I'm pretty in love right now.

pol2.jpg picture by stylebook18

Some of my jewelry and also... I have a borderline obsession with A.H.

pol1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Me and Audrey.

Ps. The election was madness yesterday!! I hope you guys were happy with the outcome :)