Puff the Magic Dragon

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Clearly I have begun to embrace some pretty bold hoop-ish earrings. I think I might have to begin a mildly arduous search for a pair of vintage jeweled chandeliers. 

Also, so excited about this new beige puffed sleeve blazer- can't believe it's from H&M. Paired it with my sequins leggings, which by the way are surprisingly comfortable considering they're made out of partially jutting sequins. 

Wearing a sheer white pocket tee, black Express sequins leggings, H&M puffed sleeved blazer, and Bebe platforms. 


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Thought I'd post these photos before I head out to dinner. Oh and I've answered comments!

Wearing a vintage white blazer with black and brown lapels, black sheer Express pocket tee, Kill City denim tie dyed jeans (so comfortable), and black Bebe platforms

Lace Trousers

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Purchased these trousers when I picked up those fringed pants, but I've never wore them because to be honest, they sort of intimidate me with their decorative black lace panels, exaggerated flared hem, and high waist. I'm wearing them today though, because I always wear cheeky pieces on holidays. Last Thanksgiving it was a vintage gray silk floor length dress paired with a cropped wool blazer. Yes I felt overdressed, but quite frankly I didn't really care.

Wearing vintage lace trousers, black American Apparel leotard, Chanel handbag, and Forever21 gold and black earrings

Valentino Variations

I promise I'll quit with all these coffee table books... just this last one and I'll try to keep my absurd fascination to a minimum. 

I checked out Valentino today at the library and as soon as I started skimming through the pretty pages, I instantly fell in love. I hadn't really ever acknowledged Valentino's work, mostly because I'm so overly obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent (my all-time favorite designer), so I never really bothered to research the other designers that have been around for just as long. 

As I was blithely admiring the nearly magical designs in this book, I realized Valentino had a thing for creating themes and variations... line, surface detail, and volume. All of his collections seem to represent a single chapter with unique emotions, ideas, and motifs. The looks change every chapter, but somehow, this glamourous woman behind all these extravagantly designed pieces, remains the same. A story with the same inspiration throughout...

Variation- Line:
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Fall/Winter 1992- Black velvet evening gown with white satin ribbons that pipe and stripe the black tulle train.

FAVdress.jpg picture by stylebook18

Fall/Winter 1992- Black voile top with crossed-over black satin ribbons in front and around the waist and a flounced tulle skirt. ( I would pretty much urinate all over myself if I ever owned this... so beautiful!)

featherlines.jpg picture by stylebook18

Fall/Winter 2005- Strapless black satin gown with white satin ribbons and two bows. Train made of shirred pleats and embroidered with beads and sequins for a feathery effect.

Variation- Surface Detail:

whitetextfinal.jpg picture by stylebook18

Spring/Summer 1993- Evening gown entirely appliqued in beige silk crepe braids in decorative motifs on the bodice and sleeves, in vertical bands on the hips, and in fringes with pearls on the cream-colored chiffon peeping out on the bottom.

pinkpinkfinal.jpg picture by stylebook18

Fall/Winter 2007- Empire dress with draped bodice, sheath with ribbed darts and triangular train made of pink silk crepe. Cape entirely composed of pink organdy petals. ( Imagine this gorgeous cape in a shade of gray or a bright yellow... now that would be perfect to say the least).

blkpleatedtwill.jpg picture by stylebook18

Fall/Winter 1960- Dress with train and bolero of black silk velvet with pleated black tulle ruffles

Variation- Volume:

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Fall/Winter 2002- Red taffeta strapless evening gown, embroidered with velvet roses
checkered.jpg picture by stylebook18

Spring/Summer 1982- Strapless black taffeta cocktail dress with balloon skirt in black and white checkered taffeta fabric.

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Spring/Summer 1960- Cocktail dress of black faille with bouffant skirt, embossed with white silk roses.

Some more favorites: (sorry for the photo overload, just inspired)

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And finally, the PERFECT skirt...

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Another coffee table book

Exhibit A (photographs by Guy Bourdin), is probably one of the most visually engaging books I've ever looked at. Clearly bound by some sort of dream state, this book is filled with erotic, humorous, elegant, and peculiar images that allow you to explore an unidentifiable, yet stylish fantasy. I'm officially intrigued by Mr. Guy Bourdin and his oh so mysterious images.

Here are a few photos:
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furskin.jpg picture by stylebook18legz.jpg picture by stylebook18love-1.jpg picture by stylebook18police.jpg picture by stylebook18redheart.jpg picture by stylebook18sheertights.jpg picture by stylebook18whitelace.jpg picture by stylebook18


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Back picture shout-out for my fellow cyber friend, The Stylish Wanderer :)

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Although I had been acquainted briefly in the previous months with Forever21's new affordable "luxury" line Twelve by Twelve, I had never actually seen/felt/smelled the pieces in real life up until yesterday. My mother and I were bustling around the mall like maniacs looking for the supposedly remodeled Forever21 and once the store had been located and entered, we were kind of blown away by the quality of the line's pieces. Most of the collection consisted of crisp ruffle dresses, colored lace leggings, perfect petticoats, and jeweled evening bags. As I grazed the congest racks of clothes, I spotted a peacock trimmed satin skirt and quickly ran to the dressing room, hoping it would fit appropriately. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't really high-waisted, yet kind of pleased with the way the skirt sat on my hips. Something different you know? (If you haven't noticed, I am quite the lover of high-waisted things).

Anyway, I wore it today along with one of my boyfriend's wool blazers (it doesn't fit his oh so muscular arms anymore) and a ribbed black tights. 

I'm wanting to play around with this skirt more now, hmm...

Wearing a TwelvebyTwelve peacock trimmed skirt, black sheer Express pocket tee, vintage black blazer, Melie Bianco clutch, and my current fave shoes- Bebe platform pumps 

Peach Derriere

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It could be argued that peach is kind of a juvenile color (or so my mom opinionated), but I find it rather fun to play with because it is indeed a random hue... which means that pairing a peach denim skirt with a motorcycle jacket oddly creates some sort of fashionable fusion. I call it "biker man meets 6-year-old barbie-loving girl." Do I even make sense sometimes?

Wearing an American Apparel denim skirt, vintage leather jacket, F21 cowl neck tee, and Colin Stuart lace up booties.

Furry Shoulders

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Possibly the coolest sweater ever... well in my opinion of course. When I first spotted it at the flea market, I suspected it would be a bit challenging to wear because it has potential of being considered a rather repugnant piece, but the thought of chocolate brown faux fur draped fancily across my shoulders makes me kind of happy. I just realized I'm always having issues with run-on sentences...

Anyway, thank you guys for the sweet and sincere comments about the new hair! I'm having fun with it, although I must admit I feels a little weird having shorter hair than my boyfriend.

Wearing vintage faux fur embellished sweater, black American Apparel shiny nylon leggings, Bebe platforms pumps, Melie Bianco clutch

Surprise Part II

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Now I feel as if my face is exposed for all the world to see... no more hiding my ears under disheveled hair or veiling my eyes under forehead skimming bangs. Chopping your hair off= freedom.

Hmm, I think I might start wearing earrings again... anything from big chunky gold clip-ons to small silver studs. 

Embroidered Love

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Found this floral blazer at a random thrift store and I'm smitten mostly by the pretty detailing- embroidered roses that seem to be made of some sort of extravagant fuchsia fabric. As soon as I spotted it (in between an impudently neon yellow 1960s mini and a raggedy camel cardigan), I decided I MUST begin my search for the perfect white fur scarf to adorn my blazer lapels. Sort of like this.

Wearing vintage floral blazer, black Zara riding pants, black sheer Express tee, Bebe platform pumps