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Walking Away

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I think my shoes are shrinking because these Louboutins don't fit me quite like they used to. Hmm, a shrinking shoe, that's something to think about while I savor the deliciousness of iced hot chocolate (total oxymoron). 

By the way, it is a bit silly to me how random people have decided to blatantly state that I have huge thighs or look like I've gained weight. If you're super skinny, then people assume you're anorexic and if you're a little curvier or whatever you'd like to call it, then people think you're fat. I don't believe in society's "beauty standards" because obviously everyone has their own opinion on what they consider beautiful or not. As far as my legs/weight goes, whether I'm fat or skinny, I accept my figure the way it is because it's how I was made to be. 

Wearing a vintage striped blazer as a dress, black wolford tube skirt underneath, gold zipper Louboutins, and Jenny Yuen bag

Edie's Hair

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White lights

Kind of in a rush right now (going to Halloween Horror nights!), I'll add more pictures/commentary later.

Wearing a vintage silk shirt, Zara zipper skirt, and Colin stuart booties

Moving Mountains

Found this sequins tee in my closet today. It was hidden beneath my numerous amounts of freakin black tanks and tees (seriously how many do I need?). Speaking of closets, I'm trying to get it all organized so that I can do some sort of a closet post soon. I said the word "closet" a lot in this post, not on purpose of course.

Wearing a Zara sequins tee, Express thick knit leggings, Report oxford pumps, and Melie Bianco clutch

I love Melie

Melie Bianco makes pretty much the "chicest" clutches ever. Just got this turquoise one a few days ago and I have a feeling I'll be using quite a bit (along with my Jenny Yuen bag). Uh what's with me and the color blue lately? 

Wearing a vintage leopard print dress, vintage gold button black blazer, Melie Bianco clutch, and Raybans

New Fringe Things

First of all I want to apologize for neglecting the blog for the past few days. Life has been super chaotic lately and I'm still trying to get back into the flow of things. 

So the minute I laid eyes on these crazy fringe pants, I automatically thought of this skirt Anna Dello Russo wore a while ago for some reason. I really love Anna's style actually, she dresses so elegantly effortless. But that's beside the point. What I am trying to say is that these pants are so freakin brilliant. Must lock myself in my room and play around with them. 

Also, I recently discovered this fabulous handbag designer, Jenny Yuen. I'm a fan of classic black bags, but I couldn't resist purchasing this bag in sapphire blue. The blue is even lovelier in real life and I'm just so in love with it. The bag surprisingly goes with almost everything. (There is a 20% coupon code: TRAVERSE in case you guys are interested in purchasing anything from the site).

Oh and a few of you asked me what I'm going to be for Halloween and I'm here to answer that question for you. You might think that I'd be something like a vampire decked out it a crazy black outfit but to your surprise I've decided to be a hot dog for halloween. Here is my costume. Shout out to my best friend who will be the sexy hamburger. Man, we're funny.

Wearing vintage beige fringe pants, H&M tank, Steve Madden gray strappy pumps, Jenny Yuen sherlock bag, and vintage sunglasses

The Supermelon Video

Thanks so much everyone at the Supermelon (shout-out to Patrick and Paul) for another awesome feature! 

Hope you guys like it! ... And aww my long hair! So sad that it's all gone. Actually, not really.

Zip it up

Possibly the greatest vintage find ever. It was a little large when I bought it so I got it tailored and now it fits so perfectly, as if it was custom-made for me. 

Also just wanted to say a special thank you to all my lovely readers who always leave the sweetest comments. Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to answering you guys but just know that I read all of them and they totally make me smile... and sometimes I laugh ;)

Wearing an H&M dress, Target ribbed tights, and a vintage leather jacket


I went browsing today at one of my new favorite vintage shops in Burbank when I found this cut-out studded bandage dress. Seriously, the angels sang when I first laid my eyes on it. Planning to wear it in the winter with some kind of oversized coat... or maybe even a leather jacket.

Wearing vintage dress and Colin Stuart booties

Blue Sequins

Love the way this blouse makes me feel. Even though the only time I have ever worn this blouse was to like a sushi date like last year. I've always considered it a little too ostentatious for the day but today I decided to take the plunge and wear it anyway. I figured a blazer and cuffed jeans would take away the flashy effect. 

I also want to see Saw V, is it weird that I actually enjoy watching gorily creepy movies??

Wearing a vintage sequins top, vintage blue blazer, Zara jeans, Colin Stuart black buckle booties, and Melie Biano clutch

Lavish lace

Feeling a little sick today, probably because I'm totally dehydrated. Must take medicine soon.

So normally I am not one to expose an unnecessary amount of skin, but for this lace body suit I will make an exception. Heather from Bona Drag kindly sent it to me and I was a little too excited when I tried it on because I realized it was definitely a piece that would force me to step out of my fashion comfort zone. I love it because it sort of has this element of sexiness and if I incorporate it with the right pieces I can create all types of different contrasting looks (note how the man jeans add an androgynous effect). I'll try to take pictures of the back of the bodysuit, the details are pretty nifty.

vintage black blazer, with hearts in my eyes bodysuit, vintage men's levis, and report black oxford heels

Let it Rain

I've been wearing this sweater for like the past two days. Simply because it has a whole lot of coziness going on and because it's super oversized, very Stella. I would have preferred to wear tights today but the weather wasn't really cold enough. So lame! 
Ps. Forgive me for not posting yesterday, I was too busy prancing blissfully in the rain.
Oh and pss. Since when is it rainy one day and super sunny the next? I want more rain!

Wearing an vintage gray knit sweater, black Zara zipper mini, and M by MJ lace ups


How could I continue life without posting my favorite looks from my two favorite designers ever (YSL takes first place though)?! 

YSL2.jpg picture by stylebook18

I was inspired by the cocoon-shaped jackets, sexy caged sandals, drop-crotch trousers, and the way Stefano Pilati's used soft and delicate fabrics to create such dramatic and structured pieces. Simple, elegant, and modern... just how I love it.

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Her collection definitely had some sort of nonchalant, effortless vibe going on. I loved the oversized blazers with the rucked sleeves as well as the slouchy jumpers and trousers. Pure understated sexiness.

What were some of your favorite collections??

Ps. Answered comments!


This little beaded jacket has always been one of my most treasured finds. It sort of reminds me of the most recent Balmain collection- a mixture of this and this, although the brilliantly shaped shoulders on the Balmain sequins jacket adds a certain unattainable swagger that my simple jacket does not possess. Hmm, oh well. 

I'd also like to introduce you to the woman who taught me that dressing up totally boosts up self-esteem levels. It's my mom! She's my best friend, shopping partner, and everything in between. When we know we've committed a crime (aka shopped excessively), we come up with a secretive plan so that my dad doesn't notice the new additions to the closet. We pretty much make a good team. 
Wearing a vintage beaded cardigan, UO sheer tee, vintage levis skirt, and Colin Stuart booties.

My mom is wearing a Forever 21 motorcycle vest, Hanes ribbed tank, Express thick knit leggings, and Louboutins peep toe pumps.


I designed/custom made this crushed velvet cardigan. Which totally makes me a proud lady (if you only knew how shamefully horrible I was sewing garments like two months ago, you'd be proud too). I started off by shirring the sleeves and ended up creating a sort of "The Prince and the Pauper" look. Then I added some vintage buttons I found in a fancily decorated jar that was seriously like abounding with all kinds of buttons. Kind of spectacular. 

And ahhh I'm so glad I chop off my straggly hair... I feel like a new woman now, no joke. 

Wearing a custom made velvet cardigan, UO sheer white tee, express thick knit leggings, Melie Biano clutch, and Bakers strappy pumps