I heart NY

hair1.jpg picture by stylebook18

For once I do not have my fringe and my straggly hair down! 

So my parents are off in New York getting lost in subways as they attempt to come up with fun adventures to do in the city (like watch a million broadways and have dinner in Little Italy). I gave my mother a list of a few vintage shops I've heard were pretty promising, hopefully she'll find me some good good stuff. 

Oh and about the Metrolink train crash that occurred yesterday evening, I'm terribly sorry to any locals who lost a family or friend. Unfortunately, I have some friends who probably either critically injured or not alive anymore (praying to God they're all okay) because that's the same exact train I take home from school on Thursdays. It's crazy to think that I could have been one of those on the train if I would've had class on Friday.

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