Bakersfield was totally the place to be this weekend. Spent most of my time eating, laughing, and making fun of the way people over there react when there's suddenly traffic. Ugh, my cousins are the best.

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On Saturday morning I went shopping at the local Goodwill and it had the craziest selection of oversized knit jumpers and sexy tweed blazers. And this lady that worked there had a gray mustache and gray teeth and she said she was a famous fashion designer....uhhhh...

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We drove over to the "hot spot" aka the Kern County Fair. I've never been to a fair before (just because I'm that lame) and I must say I had a lot of fun. Especially when I chowed down a basket of fried chicken and fries. At first I feared getting sick with like food poisoning or something, but the chicken looked so unhealthily delicious that I kind of forgot about the whole illness thing.

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The inner daredevil in me has always wanted to ride a mechanical bull (one of many audacious things on my list of "must-do before I turn 25") so as soon as I spotted it at the fair, I kind of got a little too excited. I told the guy in charge of it to take it easy, but at the end it got a little too intense (check out the blurry video below).

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... And this is what I wore today. My aunt's backyard looks like the type of scenery they'd use for an Erin Wasson photo shoot or something. 

Wearing a vintage leopard print silk blouse, vintage oversized black blazer, American Apparel skirt, and Colin Stuart lace up boots.