And the winner is...

mjbag.jpg picture by stylebook18
The Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Staples and Studs' bag!! 

After countless attempts of trying to step out of my comfort zone, I am sad to say I have failed. I need a black bag and as much I really did love that sweet Anna Corinna gray bag, my heart belongs to this studded bad boy (what's with me and studs... it's so pathetic). I'm probably coming off as some narcissistic bimbo who only cares about the softest, most buttery leather, but I really feel a bag that can withstand the test of time and has perfect amount of space to hold a surplus of unnecessary accoutrements is vital for a woman. Don't you think?

Since it is my birthday soon, I have asked ever so kindly for this bag as a gift. Although my parents are beautiful people, they somehow suck at being creative with gift-giving and I always end up with a gift card or some sort of technological device, which I'm totally okay with (who would say no to a laptop?) but you would think they would know my taste by now after 18 years of life together.