I couldn't take it anymore... I was dying to have short hair so as soon as the salon opened this morning (10 am), I scheduled an appointment. I totally believe change is good, especially because I tend to get tired of the same thing after a while. Hopefully it'll keep getting shorter however I don't think I'll ever gain the confidence to have a pixie cut simply because I'm afraid of looking like a boy.

By the way, I was just browsing collections at and Olivier designed such brilliant pieces for Nina Ricci. The collection had a very sexy-ish romantic feel and had tons of shapely and sort of airy and delicate pieces. So in love!

Wearing vintage men's tweed blazer as a dress and Melie Bianco clutch

Narciso Rordiguez 09

delish.jpg picture by stylebook18
Been browsing the latest collections on and this one is definitely AMAZING. The collection consisted of zipper-closure jackets, scribbled skirts, embroidered one-sleeved dresses, and geometrically patterned skinnies.... so freakin heavenly.


Bakersfield was totally the place to be this weekend. Spent most of my time eating, laughing, and making fun of the way people over there react when there's suddenly traffic. Ugh, my cousins are the best.

b4-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

b5-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

On Saturday morning I went shopping at the local Goodwill and it had the craziest selection of oversized knit jumpers and sexy tweed blazers. And this lady that worked there had a gray mustache and gray teeth and she said she was a famous fashion designer....uhhhh...

b6-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

We drove over to the "hot spot" aka the Kern County Fair. I've never been to a fair before (just because I'm that lame) and I must say I had a lot of fun. Especially when I chowed down a basket of fried chicken and fries. At first I feared getting sick with like food poisoning or something, but the chicken looked so unhealthily delicious that I kind of forgot about the whole illness thing.

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b8-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
The inner daredevil in me has always wanted to ride a mechanical bull (one of many audacious things on my list of "must-do before I turn 25") so as soon as I spotted it at the fair, I kind of got a little too excited. I told the guy in charge of it to take it easy, but at the end it got a little too intense (check out the blurry video below).

b9-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

bk2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18bk3-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

... And this is what I wore today. My aunt's backyard looks like the type of scenery they'd use for an Erin Wasson photo shoot or something. 

Wearing a vintage leopard print silk blouse, vintage oversized black blazer, American Apparel skirt, and Colin Stuart lace up boots. 

Bumble bee

jupiter4-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

Kind of in a gloomy mood today, therefore there isn't much to talk about. I'm wanting some crazy dresses and thick knit gray socks. Winter come now.

Wearing a vintage mustard blazer, striped H&M top, and Urban jeans.

Me Enamora

Anybody listen to Juanes? Perhaps he's a little overrated but ever since my mother blasts him on her crazy "techno" speakers, I've become shamelessly addicted. 

I borrowed these 80's acid wash jeans a while ago from my friend and I'm assuming she forgot to pick them up from my house. They have some sexy zippers down the side hems, it's pretty cool.
Also bought a new blazer this weekend. It's blue; I've been longing for a blue blazer to pair with the winter's dark and dreary colors. 

Oh and I had a joke to tell you all that made me laugh, but unfortunately I have forgotten it... typical Karla. 

Wearing a vintage bright blue blazer, report stripper shoes, unknown acid wash jeans, and a zara gold studded belt.

Strap Attack

I was so happy when I found these gray strappy pumps at a random boutique (since when do random boutiques carry Steve Madden?) They don't have a platform which is quite surprising in my case since I've become addicted to stripper woman shoes. How pathetic am I to automatically disqualify shoes when they don't appear to have at least a 4.5-5 inch heel? So stooooopid.

Wearing a graphic Marc by Marc Jacobs tee, black H&M mismatched button trousers, and Steve Madden strappy gray suede pumps


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Currently toying with the idea of chopping my hair off. Not as short as Audrey of course, because I am indeed a little weenie. I want to cut it a little above my shoulders and perhaps lose the notorious fringe. What do you think, should I do it?!

Wearing a handmade gray tee, Forever 21 skirt, purple platforms, and a M by MJ bag

Oh and a quick thank you to Picture1-2.png picture by stylebook18 for the feature :)


kk5.jpg picture by stylebook18kk4.jpg picture by stylebook18

My mom picked up this dress at Rag-a-go go in New York this weekend. It's made of some pretty nifty fabric, kind of like spandex but not. She also brought back a crushed velvet blazer, a pair of crazy jodhpur pants, and another black dress that has a some sort of bouffant embellished hem. I'm pretty content. 

Wearing a vintage scribbled dress, H&M jacket, Colin Stuart studded boots, and a Marc by Marc leather bag.

Pure awesomeness

9128vika.jpg picture by stylebook18

Perfect trousers, perfectly oversized blazer-ish coat. Oh and perfect hair cut. 

... would have worn some sickening platforms though. 

That donk

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So today was my actual birthday... September 14th, 1989, a crazy lady was born. 

I went skydiving (what a superb birthday gift, thanks G) and it was seriously the greatest thing ever. It's like falling off some sort of colossal roller coaster; you know, that feeling when you feel like your heart is about to jump out of your chest. And for some apparent reason, I kept laughing at almost everything. The instructor I was attached to decided to show off his "olympic" skills by doing crazy flips and unexpected turns. It was intense man. So much fun and totally recommended... even if you're afraid of heights, trust me it's amazing.

After our gutsy experience, we decided to grab some peruvian food on Melrose and headed over to American Apparel for a quick rendezvous (love that word ha). I bought this devilish (oooo) spandex one-piece. I figured it'd be perfect for layering under heavy oversized blazers and thick knit wooly sweaters. 

body suit from American Apparel, studded leather booties by Colin Stuart, vintage cream blazer, gold and silver watch by Donna Karan 

I heart NY

hair1.jpg picture by stylebook18

For once I do not have my fringe and my straggly hair down! 

So my parents are off in New York getting lost in subways as they attempt to come up with fun adventures to do in the city (like watch a million broadways and have dinner in Little Italy). I gave my mother a list of a few vintage shops I've heard were pretty promising, hopefully she'll find me some good good stuff. 

Oh and about the Metrolink train crash that occurred yesterday evening, I'm terribly sorry to any locals who lost a family or friend. Unfortunately, I have some friends who probably either critically injured or not alive anymore (praying to God they're all okay) because that's the same exact train I take home from school on Thursdays. It's crazy to think that I could have been one of those on the train if I would've had class on Friday.

cardigan-vintage, skirt-wolford, shoes-colin stuart, drink- iced soy chai tea 


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If only I had the guts to cut my hair like her, oh Audrey.

Tatted Up

karla10-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

I did a crazy thing today... I got a tattoo (note the plastic wrapping)! My mom and I decided to get each other's initials on our left wrists, it's kind of romantic. And they're so right about tattoos being utterly addictive, I've already planned my next three, most them won't be visible unless I'm wearing a bathing suit or you're staring at my foot. 

Also, today is the debut of my new birthday gift, my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag! Online photos don't do it any justice- it's way more precious in real life. The studs are perfectly placed and the leather is as soft as an old peach... ew what a lame simile. 

jumper- vintage, hat- vintage, bag- m by mj

I love you Spencer

Yet another blazer. I found this one at a random thrift store last week and as soon as I spotted its comeliness, I fell in love. It's missing two buttons, but since I now know how to make a dress without destroying the sewing machine, I figured I could just add some crazy vintage buttons myself. Also, lately I've been using this fold-over leather clutch that was sent to me by Carrie from It was clearly constructed using the softest leather ever... that is definitely a plus in my book. 

purple blazer- vintage, skirt- AA, tee- random, shoes-newport, clutch- melie bianco

Oh I'd also like to introduce you to my ever so precious lover... Spencer. His charming looks, wacky personality, and sad puppy eyes light up my life. 

Goodbye Beach

karla1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18karla6-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

photo credit: ckellogg photography

And the winner is...

mjbag.jpg picture by stylebook18
The Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Staples and Studs' bag!! 

After countless attempts of trying to step out of my comfort zone, I am sad to say I have failed. I need a black bag and as much I really did love that sweet Anna Corinna gray bag, my heart belongs to this studded bad boy (what's with me and studs... it's so pathetic). I'm probably coming off as some narcissistic bimbo who only cares about the softest, most buttery leather, but I really feel a bag that can withstand the test of time and has perfect amount of space to hold a surplus of unnecessary accoutrements is vital for a woman. Don't you think?

Since it is my birthday soon, I have asked ever so kindly for this bag as a gift. Although my parents are beautiful people, they somehow suck at being creative with gift-giving and I always end up with a gift card or some sort of technological device, which I'm totally okay with (who would say no to a laptop?) but you would think they would know my taste by now after 18 years of life together.