Night vision

A lot of meaningless things floating in my head right now. 
A) I feel like I've been neglecting my collection of jeans. Ever since the whole bubble/bandage skirt trend thing, it seems as if jeans fell off the face of the universe. When did this happen? And can we bring them back please? Who would have known that the perfect pair of dark-washed skinnies could possess "understated sexiness" at its best?
B) Apparently everyone owns these bad boys now... so crazy right?
C) I'm a little irritable right now because my jeans stained my blazer. What an idiot for not thinking of that this morning. 
D) I've come to realize that I need a new bag. Well actually I've been aware of this for quite some time, especially since my current bag suffered from a gum incident. Oopsies. Help me pick a bag please! I'm trying to refrain from purchasing a black one because I promised my mother I would step out of my comfort zone. However, the other side of my brain is telling me screw the comfort zone crap because a black bag is essential. Anyway here are some of my options:

922917_fpxtif.jpg picture by stylebook18
I've been longing for a satchel bag with silver hardware ever since I saw this one on Kate Lanphear. 

YvesSaintLaurentMuseOversizeBag-139.jpg picture by stylebook18
The YSL muse bag. Although it's been seen dangling on the arms of most of Hollywood's IT girls (ew hate that phrase), I find it so classic and so beautiful.

_5687652.jpg picture by stylebook18
Yet another Marc Jacobs bag. Love his bags because the quality of his leather is absolutely divine. There's no need to use the bag millions of times in order to acquire that worn-in leather loveliness because the leather is already preciously soft as it is. Love the fringe detail on this bag.

Now for my "out of the comfort zone" options:

34096_in_l.jpg picture by stylebook18
Miu Miu Bowling Bag. The color of the bag is pretty sweet, however it probably isn't so versatile as a black bag. I love it though, the detailing and the strap for when my arms grow weak.

PABMIDKANDHKMMGA.jpg picture by stylebook18

I've never owned an Anna Corinna bag before nor have I seen any in stores, but this gray bundle of love looks promising. It reminds me a little bit of that YSL crocodile bag that I had a crush on last winter. The leather looks ultra-soft which is a major plus and it's gray, you can't go wrong with a gray bag right?