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Yes I know, the denim shorts again. I attempted wearing a pair of sheer tights today but I then I realized that wasn't very reasonable considering the temperature today was like 85 degrees. 

So I'm currently reading a book called "Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff and I can't put the freakin book down, definitely a page-turner. It's a brilliantly written true story that tells about a father's crazy journey as he tried to help his son overcome a methamphetamine addiction. Although I've never been through something as achingly intense as the author of the novel, I was definitely moved by the persistent struggle he went through to cope with his son's drug abuse turmoils. I cried a little bit. Highly recommended.

shorts- levi 501s, tee- F21, blazer- vintage, bag- chanel, shoes- newport 

Mixed elements

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credits: AA, the fashion spot, fashion flash, google, stockholm street style,


My precious boyfriend (bless his soul) was sweet enough to buy this superb black denim zipper skirt for me. Is it wrong that I rather get something like a pretty dress rather than flowers? Wait, I take that back. I really love chocolate- I rather receive chocolate as a gift over a bouquet of flimsy flowers any day.

skirt- h&m, tee- h&m, shoes-bakers, bag-chanel

Light my World

Forgive me for the sporadic posting lately, my computer has failed me again. I've been forced to use my father's computer which runs extremely slow. Basically technology really sucks at life right now. 

On a more lively note, I'm kind of mesmerized by these wide-legged trousers. They must be made of some sort of slinky silk material because they're just so airy and comfortable. Perfect for walking the odor-filled streets of Dowtown LA. Since the weather is still a bit warm (borderline 90 degrees), I paired the trousers with a simple white tank and my new mustard wallet. A reader commented that I've been wearing a lot of the same things lately which I am clearly aware of, but unavoidable in this California heat. Just wait until the Fall/Winter comes! 

Ps. Answered some comments, planning to answer the rest tomorrow!

tank- h&m, trousers- vintage, clutch- liz claiborne, hat- vintage, watch-vintage

Night vision

A lot of meaningless things floating in my head right now. 
A) I feel like I've been neglecting my collection of jeans. Ever since the whole bubble/bandage skirt trend thing, it seems as if jeans fell off the face of the universe. When did this happen? And can we bring them back please? Who would have known that the perfect pair of dark-washed skinnies could possess "understated sexiness" at its best?
B) Apparently everyone owns these bad boys now... so crazy right?
C) I'm a little irritable right now because my jeans stained my blazer. What an idiot for not thinking of that this morning. 
D) I've come to realize that I need a new bag. Well actually I've been aware of this for quite some time, especially since my current bag suffered from a gum incident. Oopsies. Help me pick a bag please! I'm trying to refrain from purchasing a black one because I promised my mother I would step out of my comfort zone. However, the other side of my brain is telling me screw the comfort zone crap because a black bag is essential. Anyway here are some of my options:

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I've been longing for a satchel bag with silver hardware ever since I saw this one on Kate Lanphear. 

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The YSL muse bag. Although it's been seen dangling on the arms of most of Hollywood's IT girls (ew hate that phrase), I find it so classic and so beautiful.

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Yet another Marc Jacobs bag. Love his bags because the quality of his leather is absolutely divine. There's no need to use the bag millions of times in order to acquire that worn-in leather loveliness because the leather is already preciously soft as it is. Love the fringe detail on this bag.

Now for my "out of the comfort zone" options:

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Miu Miu Bowling Bag. The color of the bag is pretty sweet, however it probably isn't so versatile as a black bag. I love it though, the detailing and the strap for when my arms grow weak.

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I've never owned an Anna Corinna bag before nor have I seen any in stores, but this gray bundle of love looks promising. It reminds me a little bit of that YSL crocodile bag that I had a crush on last winter. The leather looks ultra-soft which is a major plus and it's gray, you can't go wrong with a gray bag right?


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Black is such a beautiful color (yes, I realize it doesn't qualify as a color, but I don't really care).

1st set- dress- miu miu, shoes- jimmy choo, sunglasses-linda farrow, tights-falke, jacket- victoria's secret

2nd set- dress- McQ, shoes- marni, clutch- christian lacroix, rings- vintage & lydia courtielle, fur coat- topshop

Studs and Stripes

After intensive pattern-making, snacking on the most unhealthy foods ever, nearly chopping my finger off with a sewing machine, and hectic traffic (shoot me now), I finally arrived at my precious home and found a cardboard box waiting for me at the doorstep. I impatiently unraveled the packaging and guess what I found?! My Colin Stuart studded booties! They're so perfect and I can't wait to wear them with tights and such. 

Also, I've never been camping. I really want to go camping now because it seems everyone has had an outdoor living experience except for me. What do you wear anyways when you go camping? I imagine my heels would dig into the dirt/grass and they don't seem very practical for hunting and s'more-making. 

dress- vintage, blazer- h&m, shoes- Colin Stuart, belt- vintage

The Supermelon

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I spoke my mind once again on The Supermelon... check it out HERE!

Designer I Love: ABAETE

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It is probably quite vivid to some of my readers why I'm such a lover of the remarkable Abaete Fall 2008 collection. So chic, no?

My heart desires...

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Everything from deliciously studded boots to bold pins and the perfect satchel bag...

credit: shopstyle, ebay, saks

Karma Kameloen

This American Apparel peachy-coral skirt is basically everything I wanted it to be. From it's body-hugging fit (my favorite) to it's surprising versatility, I'm in love. I literally spent 30 minutes debating whether or not I wanted it in that bright purple color or in faded orange color. Time was running out (my boyfriend was getting a little impatient), so I chose it in this fabulous color. The purple seemed a little too much for me and the lavender color seems more like a dingy gray. I was thinking maybe I could also wear this skirt in the winter but just the thought of black/gray tights and a crazy colored skirt makes me want to gag. 
Oh I also want to apologize for taking five centuries to write back to comments, I'm doing that now! 

skirt- AA, tank-F21, bag-chanel, boots-m by mj


Did anyone notice that yesterday's date was 08-08-08?! Call me a freakin nerd but I find that pretty awesome. 
Although the weather was a bit warmer today, I decided to be rebellious and wear a blazer. This tan one is actually great because it's lightweight so it sort of prevents heat strokes and such. So I wore this ensemble to class (I took my final already- it's a 5-week Saturday class), then took a mini shopping trip to Hollywood with the boyfriend. He got most of the goodies but I was able to snag a few items here and there like the perfect faded vintage tee, a coral body-con skirt, and a striped tank. 

blazer- secondhand
tee- h&m
shoes-steve m
jeans- levis


My vintage silk blouse is has such a grandma-ish pattern but I love it so. I paired it with my Levi cut-offs (which I discovered hidden in a pile of dirty gym clothes, so random). 
blouse-vint, shorts-levis,shoes- Colin Stuart (my father was kind enough to secretly purchase these bad boys for me).

My computer is currently being revived by mac geniuses because apparently the hard drive crashed. I know, shoot me now. Anyway, I'm trying to catch up with outfit posts, more photos soon! 

Oh man

Hi precious readers! You're probably wondering why I haven't been posting as much lately (especially outfit posts) and that is because my computer sucks at life. It hasn't been working properly so I haven't been able to upload any new pictures/articles. I'm hoping to get it fixed tomorrow. Tons of photos coming soon, pinky promise.


Say hello to my new favorite dress. Although the bodice penetrates my lungs and therefore causes me to have trouble breathing, I find it so beautifully feminine. I wore it to school Saturday and felt rather overdressed as everyone in my class was wearing shorts, tees, and yoga pants. Oops. 
Anyway (I learned this weekend that you're supposed to say anyway, not anyways with an S at the end), I went flea marketing this morning and was surprised at the amount of jewelry I purchased. I found fabulous chunky gold rings, perfect-fitting cuffs, and even an old men's watch. I also contemplated whether or not purchasing a brown fur coat but I figured I'll just buy it when the weather is a bit more appropriate. 

dress- H&M
socks- target


Totally under the influence of caffeine which means it's supposed to be random...