Zesty zipper


I finally purchased the American Apparel zipper leotard I was contemplating a few posts ago! Its crisp white zipper and body-hugging fit makes it suitable for everyday and creates an alternative to the usual plain jane leotard (which I'm also a fan of). Today I wore it with vintage Levi's to avoid the leotard from looking too hooker-ish/borderline bathing suit. I also wore (do you wear bags?) my favorite mini purse ever, Chanel of course. To be honest, I only used it today because its compact size makes life so much easier especially when you're commuting from across the city. 
I'm so glad I brought my oxfords with me to school today, otherwise I would have died walking seven freakin' blocks. Oh by the way, had horrible (okay well maybe not super horrible) day today... I seriously needed some serious soy Chai tea overdose. 

leotard- AA
jeans- levi 501s
shoes- bakers
purse- chanel