Another beauty post!

beautylish-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
To be honest with you, I am not usually a "make up fanatic". In fact, I'd actually rather spend my money on things that matter like shoes (giggle giggle). However, I've recently started to develop a rather alarming adoration for make up and beauty products. Everything from detoxifying shampoos to the perfect smudge-able eyeliner, I'm in love. 

1. Smashbox eyelights palette (Beam)- I discovered this now essential eye shadow palette last week while on a mission for the perfect eyeliner. Don't be intimidated by the shimmer effect these eye colors provide, it's not like "Barbie glitter" when it's on. I use the shadows wet and apply around my eye with a q-tip. It creates a natural look yet the shimmer lights up your eyes (how stupid did that last line sound?).
2. Bath & body works coconut lime body butter- This product has actually always been an absolute favorite of mine. Love it for two reasons: A) It's creamy and not watery like some body butters I've tried in the past. B) It's sweet coconut scent reminds me of my vacations in tropical Hawaii and how I was always completely sunburned. 
3. Revlon Beyond Natural defining eye pencil- It's a brand new product by Revlon and it works pretty well. This thick eyeliner supplies an opportunity for the sexiest smokey eye. I have this eyeliner in brown and it's so easy to apply while riding on a passenger crammed train.
4. Burt's bees milk & shea butter body wash- Another recent discovery that occurred while I was shopping for notebooks and pens at Target. It's an all-natural body wash which means it's chemical-free which will leave you with soft and delicious skin (but doesn't every girl already have soft skin?)
5. Ojon restorative hair treatment- Some of you precious readers have asked me about the products I use for my hair. Well this is one of them... my secret has been revealed! I've always had somewhat damaged hair (probably because I wash it too much or I've burnt the loveliness off of it). So a few months ago I went to Sephora and found this hair treatment that sort of resembles dirt. Let me just say that after just a few treatments, my hair was much softer and manageable. No joke. 
6. Stila smudge pots- The description says it's a gel eyeliner and shadow all in one. I personally love using it as a shadow for an undone smokey eye. It's easy to apply and best of all, it doesn't crease. Recommended in jet black and chocolate brown.
7. Shu Uemura eye lash curler- You know I had to include this bad boy in the beauty post! Thank you readers for recommending me this fabulous curler! I really love it.
8. Make Up For Ever eyeliner- First of all, it's waterproof. Which means it doesn't run or fade no matter the circumstances. I've had my fair share of experiences with non-waterproof eyeliner and I certainly do not enjoy looking like I got punched in both eyeballs. Waterproof eyeliner also makes it easier to line the inside of your eyes without it coming off in a few hours. Second of all, it's the ideal amount of smudgability (I know, that's not a word). I just purchased this eyeliner last weekend because I had run out of the Dior eyeliner- It is less expensive and works just as good. 
9. Ojon detox recovery cleansing shampoo- Lately my hair has been getting extremely oily/greasy with every shampoo I use. I tried using Burt's bees all-natural shampoo and it was working great, until a few days ago I noticed that I had developed even greasier hair with that particular shampoo. So I found this Ojon detoxifying shampoo and it's absolutely brilliant. I washed my hair about four hours ago and it is soft and grease-free. Ugh, so happy. 
10. Estee Lauder lucidity loose powder- Although this product was created to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, it still works as an absolutely fabulous face powder. I am not really a fan of "caked on" make up and this powder provides fantastic coverage without looking too covered up... does that even make sense?
11. Vera Wang Princess perfume- My mother has always said that every girl should have a particularly special scent they're recognized by. Well, this is my scent- a whimsical aroma of water lilies, apples and apricots, vanilla, and even a touch of dark chocolate. Absolutely my favorite.

What are some of your beauty favorites?