Another beauty post!

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To be honest with you, I am not usually a "make up fanatic". In fact, I'd actually rather spend my money on things that matter like shoes (giggle giggle). However, I've recently started to develop a rather alarming adoration for make up and beauty products. Everything from detoxifying shampoos to the perfect smudge-able eyeliner, I'm in love. 

1. Smashbox eyelights palette (Beam)- I discovered this now essential eye shadow palette last week while on a mission for the perfect eyeliner. Don't be intimidated by the shimmer effect these eye colors provide, it's not like "Barbie glitter" when it's on. I use the shadows wet and apply around my eye with a q-tip. It creates a natural look yet the shimmer lights up your eyes (how stupid did that last line sound?).
2. Bath & body works coconut lime body butter- This product has actually always been an absolute favorite of mine. Love it for two reasons: A) It's creamy and not watery like some body butters I've tried in the past. B) It's sweet coconut scent reminds me of my vacations in tropical Hawaii and how I was always completely sunburned. 
3. Revlon Beyond Natural defining eye pencil- It's a brand new product by Revlon and it works pretty well. This thick eyeliner supplies an opportunity for the sexiest smokey eye. I have this eyeliner in brown and it's so easy to apply while riding on a passenger crammed train.
4. Burt's bees milk & shea butter body wash- Another recent discovery that occurred while I was shopping for notebooks and pens at Target. It's an all-natural body wash which means it's chemical-free which will leave you with soft and delicious skin (but doesn't every girl already have soft skin?)
5. Ojon restorative hair treatment- Some of you precious readers have asked me about the products I use for my hair. Well this is one of them... my secret has been revealed! I've always had somewhat damaged hair (probably because I wash it too much or I've burnt the loveliness off of it). So a few months ago I went to Sephora and found this hair treatment that sort of resembles dirt. Let me just say that after just a few treatments, my hair was much softer and manageable. No joke. 
6. Stila smudge pots- The description says it's a gel eyeliner and shadow all in one. I personally love using it as a shadow for an undone smokey eye. It's easy to apply and best of all, it doesn't crease. Recommended in jet black and chocolate brown.
7. Shu Uemura eye lash curler- You know I had to include this bad boy in the beauty post! Thank you readers for recommending me this fabulous curler! I really love it.
8. Make Up For Ever eyeliner- First of all, it's waterproof. Which means it doesn't run or fade no matter the circumstances. I've had my fair share of experiences with non-waterproof eyeliner and I certainly do not enjoy looking like I got punched in both eyeballs. Waterproof eyeliner also makes it easier to line the inside of your eyes without it coming off in a few hours. Second of all, it's the ideal amount of smudgability (I know, that's not a word). I just purchased this eyeliner last weekend because I had run out of the Dior eyeliner- It is less expensive and works just as good. 
9. Ojon detox recovery cleansing shampoo- Lately my hair has been getting extremely oily/greasy with every shampoo I use. I tried using Burt's bees all-natural shampoo and it was working great, until a few days ago I noticed that I had developed even greasier hair with that particular shampoo. So I found this Ojon detoxifying shampoo and it's absolutely brilliant. I washed my hair about four hours ago and it is soft and grease-free. Ugh, so happy. 
10. Estee Lauder lucidity loose powder- Although this product was created to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, it still works as an absolutely fabulous face powder. I am not really a fan of "caked on" make up and this powder provides fantastic coverage without looking too covered up... does that even make sense?
11. Vera Wang Princess perfume- My mother has always said that every girl should have a particularly special scent they're recognized by. Well, this is my scent- a whimsical aroma of water lilies, apples and apricots, vanilla, and even a touch of dark chocolate. Absolutely my favorite.

What are some of your beauty favorites?

Happiness in my bones

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Ever since the beginning of my "junior high years", I have been a faithful reader of Teen Vogue. My favorite features have always been "Girl of the month" as well as the awesomely styled editorials. It is no surprise that I was freakin excited when I was honored with the award "Blogger of the moment". Okay, so maybe it isn't like winning a Grammy or anything, but you have to understand my obsession with Teen Vogue/Vogue. Check out the article! ...I'm shutting up now!


I spent my Saturday (yesterday) romping through the thrift store with Gabriel and found some pretty superb pieces such as this blazer. As you guys may have noticed, I'm usually not a big fan of prints, but this blazer is just so heavenly. The black and white floral print plus its lightweight fabric makes it the perfect blazer for warm and sun-shiny days. Also, I'm wearing my brand new patent oxfords that Danielle from sent me (thank you!). I received them on Friday and felt today would be a good day to debut them. 
Today my precious friend decided to make fun of my style proclaiming that I look like a "homeless 1972 lady". 
blazer- vintage
tee- h&m
skirt- AA
shoes- report
glasses- vintage

UPDATE: I answered comments!

Inspiration sensation

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A mix between summer and winter. So delicious...

Ps. Forgive me not answering comments/emails lately , I've been a bit busy with school work and such. I'll get back to them as soon as I can!
 Also about my last post, in case some of you weren't aware- it was supposed to make you giggle (not to be taken in a totally serious manner). You will come to know I am quite the silly lady! 

Alter ego

blazer- Zara
dress- AA
shoes- aldo
glasses- AA (George's eyeglasses)

The perfect blazers

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Picture2.png picture by stylebook18

 Special touches: Rucked sleeves and slightly disheveled hair.

UPDATE: Forgot to label the items! Here you go: 
blazer- bebe
skirt- miss selfridge
tee- james perse
shoes- burberry
sunglasses- ray-bans

blazer- smythe (
shoes- marc jacobs
bag- anna corinna
jumper- gargyle
sunglasses- ray-bans

Cooling down..

The alarm rang at 8:00 AM today and I quickly ran to the window and noticed it was a gloomy day. To be honest, my heart kind of smiled. So I shuffled through my closet and realized that I haven't worn jeans since the 1800s. I decided to pair my favorite jeans with an embellished blazer and a plain white tee. So comfortable, I must admit. 
Later on in the day, my boyfriend and I decided to run errands, stopping at Borders, Starbucks (it's necessary), and of course the thrift store. I found this brilliant bright purple body-con dress and I loved it so much! It was a little too "Pretty Woman" (as my mother announced) so when I got home I added my cargo jacket and my trusty Marc by Marc boots. I really wanna wear this dress with black tights and some sexy lace-ups... so perfect for a cold winter night dinner date!

dress- vintage
jacket- h&m
shoes- m by mj
purse- chanel

BoyStyle: Gabriel

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Some of a you fabulous readers have asked me about my boyfriend's style. Well for starters, he's the owner of the sweet brown leather belt as well as my personal supplier of perfect vintage tees. 
As you can see, his style is quite simple, which I absolutely love! If one were to take a look in his closet, you' d find an array of plaid shirts, Levi's (in a dark wash, gray, and black), converse and a few pairs of rugged dress shoes, blazers, and ultra comfy tanks. This boy can wear the same jeans for a week and still look sharp every single day- if I dared to do such a thing, I'd surely be reprimanded by my mother or something.

Basking the ambience

To be honest with all you fellow readers, I am starting to get a little pestered by the summer heat. Don't get me wrong, I love the water, the sun, and the happiness this oh so sensual season brings. I just really miss winter coats, tights, sweater dresses, scarves, layers, and such. 
Ps. I had a question- Can anyone recommend me a good eyelash curler? I heard Shu Uemura makes promising ones... is this a rumor?
Pss. I don't know why the pictures are coming out a bit pixely when using certain browsers- I'll try to fix that.
dress- AA
shirt- vintage
shoes- bakers
scarf- boyfriends

I'm just venting...

SHOEFAVS1-2.jpg picture by stylebook18

Wanting/needing everything from thigh-high suede boots to bold platforms to studded booties. Ugh, so many shoes, so little time!


Zesty zipper


I finally purchased the American Apparel zipper leotard I was contemplating a few posts ago! Its crisp white zipper and body-hugging fit makes it suitable for everyday and creates an alternative to the usual plain jane leotard (which I'm also a fan of). Today I wore it with vintage Levi's to avoid the leotard from looking too hooker-ish/borderline bathing suit. I also wore (do you wear bags?) my favorite mini purse ever, Chanel of course. To be honest, I only used it today because its compact size makes life so much easier especially when you're commuting from across the city. 
I'm so glad I brought my oxfords with me to school today, otherwise I would have died walking seven freakin' blocks. Oh by the way, had horrible (okay well maybe not super horrible) day today... I seriously needed some serious soy Chai tea overdose. 

leotard- AA
jeans- levi 501s
shoes- bakers
purse- chanel

Silly love


Something about the silhouette of these navy trousers makes me love them to pieces. They're awesomely high-waisted and provide the perfect amount of room for curvy hips. They're simply precious. I paired them with an Alexander Wang look-a-like tank and my boyfriend's tarnished brown belt. Sadly, my waist is too small and I wasn't able to buckle it so I decided to tie it together. The leather is so soft and completely worn out, that knotting the belt didn't create any weird belt problems. Anyways, I'm off to dinner now and I'm wearing my light denim high-waisted jeans (see: last post) and a black leotard...simple, but you know, what can I do?

shirt- H&M
pants- vintage
boots- Marc by Marc
belt- boyfriends

Double trouble



My computer officially sucks at life. I attempted to upload these pictures last night, but my server stopped responding and I wasn't able to provide you fellow readers with a delicious outfit post. So sorry. Anyways, this is what I've been wearing... YES, I experimented with light denim and white lingerie! I found these vintage jeans and at thrift store and was quite startled that they fit so well! They must have been sent from heaven above. Also, while lurking through the Goodwill, I found this striped short sleeve shirt. I am quite fond of the loose fit and the material is so precious! Makes me wanna shout! Throw your hands up and SHOUT!
1) lingerie- victoria's secret
jeans- vintage
tank- AA
shoes- dollhouse
bag- marc by marc
2) shirt- vintage
skirt- AA

Chai chai


Not much to say today other than I'm really craving an iced soy Chai tea. Do they have caffeine? I don't think it would be a smart idea to have a dose of caffeine at ten o'clock. Oh and I just purchased this ravishing floral maxi dress that sadly doesn't fit properly... still a little bummed..
Ps. My bag from the previous post is Marc by Marc for all of those who were wondering. 

cardigan- vintage
tee- UO
pants- Kohl's 
shoes- steve madden

She's not wearing heels?!?


It is quite evident how much I cherish my sky-high heels, but as soon as I saw this pair of patent oxfords, I realized that I had finally found the most flawless pair of flat shoes. Usually I stay away from flat shoes because I have such an arched foot that shoes like this are actually quite uncomfortable for me. However, these bad boys kept me comfy all day long and I couldn't be any more content with them. I really want to wear them with tights and socks... hmm, perhaps another experiment post?

shirt- vint 
skirt- f21
shoes- steve madden



This is possibly one of most treasured dresses I've ever owned. I purchased it at the flea market today (by the way- totally not a brilliant idea to visit the flea market when you can feel the sun burning your scalp). Now I am not one to wear super frilly frocks, let alone anything ultra-flowery/hippish, so I decided to de-emphasize the bright colors by wearing it with my over-worn black belt and my Louboutins. Pure happiness in my bones.

dress- vint
shoes- louboutins
belt- zara

Colors of the rainbow

Yet another pair of little boy trousers. I bought these at Target about a month ago, but I haven't worn them because I couldn't find anything to pair them with...I know so weird. Also, leotards have been quite accommodating during these awesomely hot days. A) They're easy to wear and B) They're sort of a relief from my usual loose tees and such. 

leotard- aa
pants- target
shoes- bakers



ALSO- I really want this AA black zipper leotard. I know it is quite resemblant of something Julia Roberts would have worn in Pretty Woman, but I like the idea of a black leotard with a contrasting white zipper. What do you guys think?