Wearing It again...

Maybe I should really consider quitting this bad habit of wearing the same pieces over and over again, but I just can't help myself. As soon as I spotted this frilly dark blue top, I immediately pictured it with floral skirts, super skinny jeans, schoolboy pants, bandage skirts, and even my favorite Levis (see last post). Today I decided to pair my treasured piece with a floral skirt and toughened my look with my ever so popular Marc by Marc boots to add an edge to an otherwise super girlish outfit. I really think you can create so many different looks from just one simple piece. You really don't have to purchase a new blouse or a new pair of trousers ever week to keep your wardrobe looking innovative. You just got to toy with all the different options your closet offers (belts, shoes, jewelry, etc) and incorporate your "favorite" (aka over-worn) piece into the look you're going for! 

blouse- h&m
skirt- f21
boots- marc by marc