LOVE: American Apparel

American Apparel has become quite popular over the last few years. I remember when I first visited one and I seriously wanted to purchase every single item in the store. My first AA piece was a super versatile black u-neck dress. I still wear it to this day. Anyways, I have spent the entire morning lurking their website and have to come to realize that I desperately need these five items:
1. Melange jersey pocket romper (in Melange fire)- My heart has longed for a jumper since winter time, yet it has been so difficult finding one that I looked rather decent in. When I spotted this one, it was like love at first sight. I'd wear this casual jumper in a larger size for that oversized look, and a studded belt to seal the deal. Perhaps I'd also pair it with a dark blue blazer or a charcoal gray cardigan? Hmmm..
2. Bull denim skirt (in lavender or purple, still undecided)- Ahhhh I love this skirt in both colors, so bewildered as to which one would be the easiest to incorporate into my wardrobe. When I purchase this skirt (because I WILL), I'm gonna wear it with gray blazers, white vintage tees, distressed leather jackets, and of course my Marc by Marc boots. Can't wait until it's mine!
3. Shiny Too-short tube dress (in lame black)- This piece seems quite versatile. Toying with the idea of wearing it with a recent purchase, a bright mustard blazer. Brainstorming ideas of wearing it with white simple white tees, chic black blazers, bright funky shoes, and over-worn dark gray tees. 
4. U-neck dress (in white)- Perhaps it might be a bit too see-through, but fear not, I have created a plan for this skanky item. I'm definitely going to wear it with other pieces that are longer than it, like my dark blue blazer, my boyfriend's collared blue shirt, and perhaps a fur coat in the winter. 
5. Tri-blend leggings- They only come in their infamous tri-blend gray. Planning to wear these cozy leggings with satin tops, oversized knit cardigans, and colored plaid shirts. I will most likely purchase them closer to the winter season.