Frolicking on Venice


Happy Father's Day (even though most of you reading this probably aren't fathers)! I love you daddy/photographer/financial advisor! Oh and Happy Birthday to my stylish little brother!
Today was a day full of precious adventures. I went to church, then we went to have delicious Peruvian food, you have to try it, it's a taste of heaven really. We also made a trip to Venice beach where I found some pretty awesome backgrounds and decided it was a perfect photo op for blog pictures. 
I decided to wear my men trousers that I stumbled upon while attempting to find a gift for my little brother. They're so perfect, so comfortable and they seem quite versatile too. Since the weather is beginning to heat up, I paired them up with a simple white t-shirt (also mens...ahh I'm freakin manly!!) Perhaps in the cold winter season, I'll pair these trousers with dark blazers, chunky scarves, and socks. Hmmm, I shall experiment...
Also, I need to tone my hair and trim my bangs. I can barely see the road ahead of me, how ridiculous. I really want to grow my hair long, like Rapunzel. And although I heard some people's hair won't grow past a certain length, I am determined to have a head full of cascading waves.

tshirt- h&m